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In this episode of ControlTrends People, we explore the life of Lim Hoon Chiat. Lim is now recognized as one of the most successful and prolific minds in our industry. In Episode 6, we follow Lim’s rise from the humblest of origins in Singapore, where as a child, he tinkered with discarded parts to make a television set work for three months, through his days at the University and winning an International Robotic Competition, to his present position at EasyIO. Lim shares the influence and effect that his earliest mentor had on his life and how the philosophic fundamentals of simplicity, constantly challenging one’s self, and the desire to maintain a worldly perspective developed into a life-long passion for innovation, and how those philosophic fundamentals and passion are the driving force behind the industry-leading products developed by EasyIO. Truly, a genuinely personal and wonderfully detailed story, we invite you to listen in — as Lim navigates through the meteoric shower of technology that changed our industry and the impact that technology has made on his own amazing career. It is no wonder that Lim and EasyIO have played a leading role in the Smart Buildings Controls Renaissance, and as you will soon hear, the best is yet to come.

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