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ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast|PodCast for Week Ending Sep 25, 2016 features Intelligent Buildings’ Director of Cyber Security, Fred Gordy, who details the exposure and vulnerability of Operational Technology, which run our buildings. Watch as Fred reviews, step by step — the hacker’s modus operandi. Sameer Pradhan, Director of ControlTrends India, updates the ControlTrends Community on India’s colossal Smart City imitative; Schneider Electric releases their new MG350 Smart Actuators with alarming features; Contemporary Controls’ newest network solution offers greater speed and diagnostics; Larry Andriunas takes the helm at Kodaro, LLC; and this week’s ControlTalk Rewind takes us back to the future with Ecorithm’s Dr. Igor Mezic and artificial intelligence.

CTN 199 Controltalk Now -The Smart Buildings Video Cast from Eric Stromquist on Vimeo.

MG350 SmartX Actuator offers great havoc control

MG350 SmartX Actuator offers great havoc control

Schneider Electric Has a Hit with The New MG350 SmartX Actuators. Awesome video and cool new actuator series from Schneider Electric. The SmartX MG 350 is the first NEW SmartX Actuator released globally. It is designed to control two and three-way globe valves in a wide range of applications. The MG350 SmartX Actuator is the platform for the future, acting as the foundation of both a SmartStruxure™ solution and SmartStruxure Lite solution. The critical information delivered by the actuator helps the BMS operate at optimal efficiency.

fredgordy3 ControlTalk NOW’s first interview is with Fred Gordy, Intelligent Building’s Director of Cyber Security. As our industry’s leading cyber security expert, Fred focuses on the specific vulnerabilities concerning Operational Technology, controllers on building networks that control the HVAC equipment and building systems and equipment versus Information Technology. Operational Technologies were designed for availability and comfort, which was suitable at the time, but when the need to share information across subnets made Broadcast BACnet Management Devices necessary, as well as using a public IP address, the security imperative was not factored into the equation. Watch this video! and, visit the NIST Cyber Security Framework website for basic recommendations to protect your Operational Technology.

Breaking News Key Shows Newsflash Broadcast OnlineLarry Andriunas Larry Andriunas announces the launch of Kodaro, LLC, a software development company which he will lead from California’s Bay Area. Operating in the building automation industry, Kodaro is hard at work creating ways to connect building controls through software drivers, software applications, and enterprise solutions. “I’m very excited about launching Kodaro,” said Andriunas, a 28-year building controls expert. “The building automation industry is at an interesting time where new technologies are finally converging. Kodaro will lead the way for innovation in support of contractors and integrators.”

sameer_4ControlTalk NOW’s second interview is with Director, ControlTrends India, Sameer Pradhan. Sameer Pradhan is also the Managing Director of CICC Automation Technologies, a leading international building automation systems provider. Sameer recently chaired a panel discussion on Smart Connected Intelligent Buildings — The Foundation for Smart Cities,” that discussed in great detail, the critical aspects of the smart city standard and its core component, the intelligent building. India has presently identified 60 cities that will be included in this massive initiative. Great update!

cc_eiskContemporary Controls: The Need for Speed and Diagnostics. Contemporary Controls is introducing the unmanaged EISK8-GT/H 8 port gigabit Ethernet switch with hub functionality. Yes, we purposely “broke” the address learning functionality of the switch so that all messages – directed, multicast, broadcast – are flooded to all ports on the switch allowing a protocol analyzer tool such as Wireshark® the ability to observe all traffic on the network.

Using Artificial Intelligence in Smart Buildings

How Using Artificial Intelligence in Smart Buildings will make them smarter

ControlTalk Rewind: Using Artificial Intelligence to Make Smart Buildings Smarter. Last Spring Ken and I had the opportunity to interview a couple of very interesting characters, who put a new spin on how to make smart buildings smarter through the use of artificial intelligence. This is next-gen analytics! Dr. Igor Mezic, Ecorithm’s Chief Scientific and Technology Advisor & Co-Founder, and John Morris, VP Marketing and Sales. Ecorithm is able to provide faster and more accurate results that other analytics companies, and why Ecorithm’s SaaS is necessary for the entire lifetime of the system.

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ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast|PodCast for week ending Sep 18, 2016 highlights the trends impacting our industry: CGNA’s Fall Meeting; New ControlTrends Awards category will recognize the top women in the HVAC Industry; Josh Bradshaw’s Smart Clock interview; Honeywell Release of WEBs-N4.1 Software; Johnson Controls Upcoming ABCS Meeting in Nashville; KMC’s Upcoming Genius Summit 2016 in Chicago; JCI’s VP of Products & Distribution Jenny Stentz’s Rewind; Tridium’s Pranay Prakash’s IoT Presentation; Belimo’s Energy Savings Tool; KMC’s Block Programming Series; DOE’s Development of Offshore Wind Energy; and ControlTrends People CTP 004, with Automation Integrated’s Chris Farve.

CTN 197 ControlTalk Now The Smart Buildings Video Cast from Eric Stromquist on Vimeo.

josh_clock Josh Bradshaw Interview: Fans of tech meet fans of Harry Potter. This clock is the closest thing to the Weasley clock technology can provide. I just signed up as a backer on Indegogo and so should you! In this video Anton Zriashchev, CEO at Glance Clock gives a demo and I even ask him about the Weasley clock so you can hear what he has to say. Best of luck with your crowdfunding launch today Anton & team!! #smarthome #smartclock #iot #harrypotter #indegogo.

rob_allen_youngStromquist’s Young Gun Rob Allen gives us a tour of Eric’s office and his fashionable standing desk. ControlTrends update: Rob Allen and Chris White are about to launch the Next Generation Innovation series, which is all about our industries’ bright young superstars and their careers — and their insights into the evolution of our industry and what we need to do — to enhance the image of the HVAC and BAS as an important and meaningful career.

doe_windNATIONAL OFFSHORE WIND STRATEGY: FACILITATING THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE OFFSHORE WIND INDUSTRY IN THE UNITED STATES. Offshore wind energy holds the promise of significant environmental and economic benefits for the United States. It is an abundant, low-carbon, domestic energy resource. It is located close to major coastal load centers, providing an alternative to long-distance transmission or development of electricity generation in these land-constrained regions.

webs_n4Honeywell Releases WEBs-N4.1.27.20 (N4.1.1) Software Packaged Release with Tools. Honeywell is pleased to announce the release of the WEBs-N4.1.27.20 (N4.1.1) software packaged with Spyder, Stryker and Venom programming tools. Main Features: Packaged release with Honeywell tools within Niagara N4.1.27.20 software build; Supports both the newer WEB-8000 and legacy WEB-300E/600E/700 controllers; and Supports Windows 10 operating system on Supervisors & Workbench.

belimo_savingsBELIMO Releases New Damper Actuator Energy Savings Estimator Tool. Just Released: Damper Actuator Energy Savings Estimator Tool! Belimo Damper Actuator Energy Savings Estimator is now available online. The Damper Actuator Energy Savings Estimator Tool was developed to help quantify the cost savings verses other brands. Belimo damper actuators provide significant energy savings from their low power consumption.

ppTridium’s Pranay Prakash on how the Internet of Things, Big Data, and the Cloud will Help Smart Buildings. If you missed the 2016 Niagara Summit, you missed Pranay Prakash and his take on how the Internet of Things, Big Data and the Cloud. Learn how these will affect the way we do smart building controls. For more than 15 years, Tridium’s Niagara Framework® has fundamentally changed the way devices and systems connect. In 77 countries, from leading corporations to the latest startups, a large and active community has formed around Niagara.

kmcbpKMC Announce Block Programming. As of September 2016, KMC Controls has released block programming via the Control Basic Block editor, supported in Connect, Total Control and Niagara. The KMC Control Basic Block editor provides a simple drag-and-drop interface to program BACnet Controllers, specifically KMC Conquest® products: BAC-5901, BAC-9001, BAC-9021, BAC-9301 & BAC-9311. By giving customers the freedom and choice to program controllers the way they want, block programming is a natural extension of KMC’s commitment to provide open, secure and scalable solutions from single-building to enterprise-level installations.

jcijsControl Talk Rewind: Johnson Controls Jenny Stentz: Could Johnson Controls Enable the First Battery Powered Building? If you missed the August 7th episode of ControlTalk Now The Smart Buildings Video Cast and Podcast you missed our interview with Jenny Stentz, VP of Products & Distribution North America, at Johnson Controls, the world’s largest building controls provider and battery maker. Jenny gives ControlTrends fresh insight into Johnson Controls’ realigned sales and the leadership role Johnson Controls has taken in the building and energy storage space. Johnson Controls offers the latest innovations in renewable technology, efficiency technology, controls technology, and battery storage technology and is focused on the ease of doing business with its channel partners.

chris-favvCTP 004 ControlTrends People Takes a Deep Dive into the Life of Automation Integrated’s Chris Favre. On this episode of ControlTrends People, the life stories of the great people in the building automation controls industry,that make smart buildings smart, we learn about Automation Integrated’s Chris Favre. Chris is the Executive Vice President at Automation Integrated. Automated Integrated is based in Oklahoma City, but as a true master systems integrator and co-winner of the 2015 ControlTrends System Integrator of the Year Award, work on Smart Buildings projects all over the world.

ctn-sg2Other people mentioned in this episode: Pat Marsala and Paul Burke from M & M Controls, Dan Flaherty from Distech Controls , Eugene Mazo from DGLogik, Tony Fadell from Apple, Mike Sackett and Jim Hayman from Controls Group North America, Chris Eichmann from Johnson Controls, and Anna Stromquist from Team Stromquist.

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ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast|PodCast for week ending Sep 11, 2016 comes from Chicago, IL, where ControlTrends attended the 2016 Controls Group North America Fall Members Meeting, as 46 of North America’s top Distributors and Systems Distributors met and welcomed Johnson Controls into the Industry’s Elite as a preferred vendor. See Dubai’s Floating Seahorse — incomparable underwater luxury; Thermokon Sensortechnik partners with Belimo Americas; Don’t miss OPTIGO Networks Webinar: I Can Hack into Your Building. Try’n Stop Me; Tridium Releases Niagara 4.2 and Niagara Analytics 2.0; Mike Marston is interviewed in CTP 3 ControlTrends People, Life Stories of the People that Make Smart Buildings Smart; and Lynxspring”s Onyxx® BACnet® to Haystack Data Pump helps to overcome the data organization challenge.

seahorseRoom with an Underwater View: The Floating Seahorse — A New Smart Beach Home. Our friend Marc Petock, from Lynxspring, showed us the new definition of a beach home. ABOUT THE PROJECT: Having successfully sold out phase one and two of The Floating Seahorse in just eight months, The Heart of Europe is proud to launch the third phase! The Tzar Edition of The Floating Seahorse is the third phase of Seahorses available at The Heart of Europe. The Tzar Edition will be located on St Petersburg Island which is designed in the shape of a heart and takes inspiration from The Maldives.

thermokom_logoThermokon Sensortechnik GmbH Germany Announces Belimo Americas as New Distribution and Support Partner. Thermokon Sensortechnik GmbH Germany is pleased to announce that Belimo Americas will take over the distribution and support of our EasySens® EnOcean product range and high-tech Room Operating Units in the Americas as of 1st of October 2016 for existing Thermokon Americas customers. EasySens®, the leading, self-powered, intelligent wireless system, has been a great success in the American markets and is currently enjoying a steady growth.

OPTIGO_WEB1OPTIGO Networks Webinar: I Can Hack into Your Building. Stop Me. Thursday, Sep 15th, 11AM PDT| 2PM EDT. 6 million commercial buildings in the US are believed to be secure. Every single one has exposed building controllers, security cameras and access control systems that an entry level hacker can hack into. Join Fred Gordy, Director of Cyber Security at Intelligent Buildings, and Ping Yao, CEO of Optigo Networks as they discuss the incredible vulnerabilities in our buildings’ systems, and what to do about it.

tridium_PranayTridium Releases Niagara 4.2 and Niagara Analytics 2.0 — Real-time Business Intelligence, Enabling Users to Make Smarter, Swifter Decisions. Integrated release allows for real-time business intelligence, enabling users to make smarter, swifter decisions leading to less waste and expense! Richmond, Va., Sept. 7, 2016 – Tridium Inc., a global Internet of Things (IoT) software technology leader, today announced the release of Niagara 4.2 which includes integration of Niagara Analytics 2.0. Together, these new releases bring the benefits and efficiencies of data-driven performance to users.

Mike 700CTP 3 ControlTrends People, Life Stories of the People that Make Smart Buildings Smart Meet EasyIO’s Mike Marston. ControlTrends People is a new PodCast series that focuses on the life stories of the people in our industry that make it great. As we strive as an industry to reach full recognition and parity, we deeply believe that if we capture and share the persona of the great leaders and visionaries of our industry, we will continue to build a compelling image that will draw more young talent needed to sustain our industry. Our third episode features Mike Marston, VP Worldwide Sales at EasyIO Holdings.

JENE_EDGE100Lynxspring Announces Release 1.0 for the Onyxx® BACnet® to Haystack Data Pump. Release 1.0 adds additional features, performance improvements, and UI enhancements for greater ease-of-use. Lynxspring is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Release 1.0 of the Onyxx® BACnet® to Haystack Data Pump. With this new release, we have improved the performance and incorporated new features and functions as requested by our fast-growing customer base.

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ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast|PodCast for week ending September 4, 2016 was a newsworthy week indeed. Tridium’s highly effective and successful President and General Manager, Nino DiCosmo, has been recruited away to a leadership position in another industry. Honeywell’s Jeff Tolnar will step in as the interim president. More information to follow. ControlTrends People PodCast was launched this week featuring, Nino DiCosmo and Marc Petock, and our in-depth interview with industry oracle, Ken Sinclair, delivers real deep-dive insights into what direction our industry is moving, at an accelerated IoT pace. Therese Sullivan’s ReWind reviews emerging technologies; Honeywell WEBs-AX 3.8.111 (3.8.u1) software package is released; and we get a macro view of energy savings from BTO’s David Nemtzow.

TherseSmart Building Controls Rewind: Therese Sullivan. Revisit Building Context’s Therese Sullivan interview on ControlTalk Now:The Smart Buildings Video Cast and Podcast. Therese gives us an update on Haystack Connect, the 2016 RealComm|IBcon show, the right way to use twitter, and much more! Therese is a writer/technologist and marketing professional that provides news and analysis for commercial building system integrators, facilities managers and real estate professionals about innovations in building automation with emphasis on data analytics, mobile apps, cloud services and wireless networking.

WEBS_AX_38111Honeywell WEBs-AX 3.8.111 (3.8.u1) Packaged Software Release with Spyder, Stryker, Venom, and BACnet FF Programming Tools. Honeywell is pleased to announce the release of the WEBs-AX 3.8.111 (3.8.u1) software package with Spyder Tool (version: 6.4.5), Stryker Tool (version: 4.0.18, supporting Stryker BACnet VAV, Venom and BACnet FF programming tools. This release supports the new WEB-8000 based controllers, Java Web Start Applications, Windows 10 operating system, and Auto-download of Java security policy files.

NinoCTP 1 ControlTrends People, Life Stories of the People that Make Smart Buildings Smart. ControlTrends People is a new PodCast series that focuses on the life stories of the people in our industry that make it great. As we strive as an industry to reach full recognition and parity, we deeply believe that if we capture and share the persona of the great leaders and visionaries of our industry, we will continue to build a compelling image that will draw more young talent needed to sustain our industry. We chose Nino DiCosmo, as our first Podcast because of his genuine passion and leadership — and for the enormous success he has brought to Tridium, the leading industry framework in Smart Buildings. Here’s Nino DiCosmo up-close and personal.

Ken FeaturedKen Sinclair’s Automated Buildings September Theme — “The Self Learning Edge Revolution.” ControlTrends Community, hold onto your hats and meters! Because in this September edition of Automated Buildings, owner, editor — and oracle, Ken Sinclair, proposes that there is a edge controller revolution underway (right now, under our noses) that will completely disrupt the industry as we know it. Not only are these gadgets more open and more powerful, but they will be created and run by tinker kids in millennium maker culture.

BTO_DAVEBuilding Technologies Office — A Word from BTO’S Acting Director: 140 Million Places to Save Energy. David Nemtzow: “There are currently some 130 million residential units in the United States – which most of you think as homes. We at the Building Technologies Office (BTO) are prone to think of them as energy consumption structures. The 5+ million commercial buildings that make up our offices, schools, hospitals, and grocery stores? They also represent a huge opportunity for energy savings. Together, all of these buildings represent 40% of the energy consumed within the U.S., 76% of all electricity, and are responsible for 34% of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. That makes for a lot of space for improvement.”

Marc1CTP 2 ControlTrends People, Life Stories of the People that Make Smart Buildings Smart. ControlTrends People presents inspiring and motivational stories that open our eyes to the many paths taken to the prominent positions in our industry. Many accounts offer endearing insights and self-told anecdotes about the triumphs and setbacks that molded their careers and shaped ControlTrends People throughout their professional journeys. Our second ControlTrends People PodCast features Marc Petock, VP of Marketing for Lynxspring and Connexx Energy. Marc is a highly accomplished Global Technology Marketing Executive known for positively impacting the growth and performance of the organizations he has managed during his 30+year career.

NinoNino DiCosmo — Makes His Mark at Tridium, and is Moving on. Nino DiCosmo, the highly successful President and General Manager at Tridium, is moving on. ControlTrends learned of Nino’s decision to take another position last week. Nino’s visionary leadership was punctuated by the successful development and launch of next generation software Niagara 4, a complete brand refresh and re-positioning of Tridium’s Niagara software from a buildings controls focus to IoT innovative software company, while achieving over 37% revenue growth over past 3 years. During the transition period, Honeywell’s Jeff Tolnar, will serve as interim president of Tridium

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