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ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast and Podcast for week ending December 27, 2015 features interviews with two more nominees for System Integrators of the Year, Navitas System Integration from Plymouth, MA and Automation Integrated, from Oklahoma City, OK. DG LOGIK’s Technical Tips & Tricks — Building IoT Applications for the Smartphone or Tablet​; DOE Announces Largest Energy Efficiency Standard in History; and Tridium announces Niagara Summit 2016, May 15-17, New Orleans Hyatt Regency. Special thanks to Bill Dunkleberger and team Blue Ridge Technologies for their spirited Holiday wishes!

NSIControlTalk NOW’s first guests, John Donahue, owner and CEO of Control Consultants, Inc., one of the most successful systems distributors in North America and Dan White from Navitas System Integration (NSI) of Plymouth, MA, expert providers of Building Automation Systems for commercial, institutional, and industrial market applications. NSI specializes in LEED certified projects and can implement the improvements necessary to assure energy savings and achieve greener standards.

Breaking News Key Shows Newsflash Broadcast OnlineKeep an eye on 2016 Events with Ken’s Calendar! The Grid Modernization Forum, January 19-20, 2016 in Chicago is a focused, two-day educational and networking event that closely examines lessons learned to date by industry leaders who are pushing the frontiers of grid modernization and evolution. This will be a unique opportunity to interact with key professionals who are leading the way toward the integrated, interoperable, and resilient energy network of tomorrow.

N421Niagara Summit 2016, May 15-17, New Orleans Hyatt Regency. Dear valued member of the Niagara Community, mark your calendar and plan to join us for Niagara Summit 2016 in historic New Orleans! Every two years the Niagara Community comes together at the Niagara Summit to learn about advancements to the Niagara Framework®, network and learn from peers, and hear the latest on technology trends and news. What’s always a momentous occasion will be made all the more exciting in 2016 with the recent debut of Niagara 4 and the soon-to-be-released JACE® 8000.

DOE_EN_SAVDOE Announces Largest Energy Efficiency Standard in History! Energy Department Announces Largest Energy Efficiency Standard in History. The U.S. Department of Energy recently announced historic new efficiency standards for commercial air conditioners and furnaces. Developed with industry, utilities, and environmental groups, these standards will save more energy than any other standard issued by the Department to date. Over the lifetime of the products, businesses will save $167 billion on their utility bills and carbon pollution will be reduced by 885 million metric tons.

DG1DG LOGIK’s Tips & Tricks — Build IoT Applications for the Smartphone or Tablet​. Delivering valuable insight with proper usability across all modern smart devices will become a requisite for IoE Applications in 2016. With DGLux5, it’s easy to build flexible, device-agnostic applications that adjust to screen sizes, respond to touch controls and load images and IoE data conservatively. Without ever writing a single line of code, you can give your users an uncluttered, intuitive and efficient experience, regardless of their device.

Ask_A_ControlsExpert Sam McDonald, Honeywell Sales Rep, a controls expert, who answers the following question asked by a building owner from Oakland, CA: We are undergoing a major renovation to one of our facilities. Our contractor has proposed installing the Honeywell RedLINK thermostats with the Equipment Remote Module. Sam answers: “Your Contractor made a wise choice in recommending using Honeywell’s RedLINK Wireless control system on your facility. Simply put RedLINK Controls allows for a faster installation; reducing labor cost which ultimately allows for greater profits. By going wireless, your contractor will not have to drill holes or pull wires. He can place the Thermostats in their proper locations or remotely mount them where only authorized personnel can access them.”

ai_solutionsControlTalk NOW’s second guests are Chris Favre and Jeff Houpt from Automation Integrated out of Oklahoma City, OK. Automation Integrated are true systems integrators who develop solutions that enable clients to modernize legacy technology investments, while simultaneously creating cost effective migration paths to new technology. The Automation Integrated result: The lowest total cost of ownership! Automation Integrated takes integration to the next level incorporating controls, security, and IT into one total solution.

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ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast and Podcast for week ending December 20, 2015 begins with OME’s Rick Werner and EasyIO’s Mike Marston discussing the hazards of the proverbial low bid, followed by interviews with Blue Ridge Technologies’ CEO Bill Dunkelberger, Dwyer Instruments’ Global Business Development Manager, Eric Fritch, and another 7 Minutes in Control with Rob Allen and Scott Muench from J2 Innovations — who is offering an exciting customer appreciation FIN 3.0 sale. More Contemporary Controls BACnet videos and expertise; 2015 ControlTrends Awards reminders; and the first peek at the 2016 calendar.

RickWWhy Accepting The Low Bid Price on a Job is sooooo Expensive. In this episode of Control Pub Talk, with “Mad” Mike Marston from Easy IO, the consequences of giving a project to the low bidder is discussed. Mike reaches out to Rick Warner, aka “The Innovator”, sans the usual Pub, to look at the true costs involved in the bidding process that is used on most new construction projects. “Penny wise and pound foolish” comes to mind as I listen to Rick explain the difference between up front price and true cost of ownership. To see more from the Innovator click here. Get more Control pub Talk with Mike Marston here.

FIN3.0J2 Innovations — Dive Into FIN Now — for 10% Less! Appreciation Sale. Don’t miss this great from J2 Innovations! FIN 3.0 is a next generation software suite including an entirely new application server called FIN Stack, combined with the custom graphic tool FIN Builder, and the FIN Mobile app. You can now build your entire customer’s solution using a unified toolset optimized for efficient workflow. The technology leverages powerful tagging and data modeling which means you can use queries to access data and eliminate time consuming linking. FIN was designed to encourage community collaboration and seamlessly supports add-on applications such as automated analytics.

ScottRobWhat Can Fin 3.0 Do For You? Rob Allen Finds Out. In this episode of Rob Allen’s 7 minutes in Control, Rob finds out from Scott Muench, J2 Innovations’ Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, what is new at J2 Innovations including Fin 3.0 and how J2 Innovations uses Haystack tagging to make a system integrators life easier and reduces labor cost. If you like what you see reach out to your local J2 Innovations provider and take advantage of J2’s 10% off holiday special. FIN technology leverages powerful tagging and data modeling which means you can use queries to access data and eliminate time consuming linking.

Bacnet1Learn BACnet Now – Watch the BACnet Video Training Series. Thanks to George Thomas and the team at Contemporary Controls for putting together this eight part video series ” Understanding BACnet”. Contemporary Controls designs and manufactures the system building blocks for networking, integrating and controlling automation processes where performance and reliability are important. Their products are built upon open technologies such as ARCNET®, BACnet®, Controller Area Network, Ethernet, Modbus®, Niagara Framework®, and Sedona Framework™.

Bill D ControlTalk NOW welcomes our first guest Blue Ridge Technologies’ CEO Bill Dunkleberger and his team of industry all stars. 2015 ControlTrends Awards Finalist Blue Ridge Technologies, nominated for six ControlTrends Awards including: Energy Saving Solution of The Year; Lighting Integration Solution of The Year; Best Technical Support Small Manufacturer: Nick Bare; Best Technical Support Person — Small Manufacturer; The PID Award: Bill Dunkleberger; and Executive of The Year Small Manufacturer: Bill Dunkleberger.

BlueRidgeMore from 2015 ControlTrends Awards Finalist Blue Ridge Technologies. Unified Lighting Control completes the BAS, incorporating lighting and HVAC controls on the same network. This network consolidation eliminates surplus hardware required for stand-alone and gateway lighting control. As a result, installation and maintenance costs decrease while simple and complete building control increases energy savings. This approach provides more savings for less cost. When a complete Building Automation System (BAS) is required, Unified Lighting Control is the superior lighting control solution.

HardRock12015 ControlTrends Awards to be Held — January 24 at the Hard Rock Live! ControlTrends is excited to announce that the 2015 ControlTrends Awards will be held January 24, 2016, from 6:30PM to 9:30PM, at Orlando’s Hard Rock Live, located at the door step to the amazing Universal Studios. Hard Rock Live is home to music history and a most befitting venue to celebrate the heroes and superstars of our HVAC and the Building Automation industries. ControlTrends graciously thanks our sponsors for allowing us to make this special industry event possible.

Breaking News Key Shows Newsflash Broadcast OnlineControlTrends Keeps an Eye on 2016 Events with Ken’s Calendar. Help ControlTrends Keep an eye on 2016 Events with Ken’s Calendar! January 25-27, 2016 AHR Expo, Orlando Convention Center: The AHR Expo brings the entire HVACR industry together under one roof to see the latest products and technology, learn about the innovations and trends that are shaping the future, and do business face to face. Returning to Orlando for the first time in six years, the Show is anticipating more than 50,000 professionals in attendance, nearly 2,000 exhibiting companies, and a wide variety of educational sessions.

Dwyer_EFitchControlTalk NOW’s second guest: Dwyer Instruments’ Eric Fritch, Global Business Development Manager. Dwyer Instruments is nominated for the 2015 ControlTrends Awards Peripheral Vendor of the Year. Since 1931, Dwyer Instruments has been recognized for manufacturing excellence, and has introduced over 75 new products since 2005. Global in scope, Dwyer is a key manufacturer of sensors and instrumentation components used in HVAC and Building Automation applications the world over. Visit for more product information, videos, and tutorials — and be absolutely certain to visit Dwyer’s booth (1617), at the up-coming 2016 AHR Expo in Orlando, FL.

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ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast and Podcast for week ending December 13, 2015 features interviews with Control Network Solutions’ Mike Welch, Buildings Context’s Therese Sullivan, and Control Systems Consultants’ Cory Gunder; Marc Petock’s discusses the business-end of the Cyber Security stick; Rob Allen’s 7 Minutes in Control with KMC’s Dave Bohlmann, and an update on how Daikin Applied just changed Total Building Automation forever.

MarcPPMarc Petock — The Business Side of Cyber Security (Continued). Marc Petock, a leading expert on Cyber Security, takes a close look at the ramifications and financial consequences of not taking aggressive measures to protect your business against cyber attacks. As I have said, cyber security has a technology side and a business side. From a business perspective, the negative consequences that cyber incidents can cause are disruptive and potentially catastrophic. The value of taking additional measures to increase the cyber security posture of your control systems, far outweigh the risk of not making them secure.

Dave BNew Router from KMC on Rob Allen’s 7 Minutes in Control. Rob Allen sits down with Dave Bohlmann to talk about KMC’s new single port router. The KMC Controls BAC-5051E is a multi-port BACnet router. This compact router is powerful enough for heavy network traffic and small enough to use as a control technician’s service tool. Routing Install the BAC-5051E for BACnet IP, Ethernet, and MS/TP routing. The IP routing is fully compliant with BACnet Standard 134-2012, Annex J. Browser Configuration Configure the BAC-5051E using only an Internet browser. No special software to learn or load.

cns_newfrontiersCNS delivers the world’s first Internet of things (IoT) web-based DALI intelligent lighting control solution, elitedali ensures that live data from every light fixture can be accessed and the lighting controlled from anywhere in the world with internet access. he only non-North American finalist in its category, CNS has been shortlisted for its unique lighting control solution, elitedali™. Transforming the Niagara building management system into a state of the art lighting control platform, elitedali provides total control and flexibility to the end user over access to their lighting data, system maintenance and any on-going adjustments.

Mike-WelchControlTalk NOW Special Guest: Mike Welch, CEO and owner of Control Network Solutions, BasingStoke, UK. Mike shares his unique knowledge of the industry and articulates the finer points of IoT, where there are some unintended consequences and negative aspects of IoT, because the distance between the APP and the cloud is populated by energy consuming devices and the key is collect value data directly from your network devices.

daikin2Daikin Applied Just Changed Total Building Automation Forever, Thanks to IoT. In January 2015, ControlTrends interviewed Paul Rauker, VP of Systems and Controls, Daikin Applied, on the ground floor of the 2015 AHR Show. Paul expertly reviewed the Rebel RTU — which was the first IoT HVAC RTU. Now, with Diakin’s minority stake acquisition of Riptide IO. Daikin is the first equipment manufacturer to introduce the industry’s first, true cloud-based technology platform for HVAC equipment — that truly harnesses the IoT! Here’s the rest of the story: DAIKIN APPLIED ACQUIRES MINORITY STAKE IN CLOUD-BASED BUILDING AUTOMATION COMPANY.

Corey2015 ControlTrends Awards System Integrator of the Year Finalist CSC. The voting for the 2015 ControlTrends Awards is underway. One of the most followed categories is the ControlTrends System Integrator of the Year Award. This is a new ControilTrends Award. With over eighty nominees from around the world, making the final seven is quite an accomplishment. If you watched ControlTalk NOW a couple of weeks ago, you got a sneak peek at one of the magnificent seven, CSC from Dallas, Texas. Meet Corey Gunder and Scott Twomey.

Therese.001Our second ControlTalk NOW guest is Therese Sullivan. Therese is the principal and editor of Building Context and Haystack, and contributing editor to Therese is a prolific and knowledgeable writer/technologist and marketing professional, who provides news and analysis for commercial building system integrators, facilities managers and real estate professionals. Always our eyes and ears from the Silicon Valley, Therese recaps the 2015 CoRETECH Show in Silicon Valley.

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ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast and Podcast for week ending December 6, 2015 features interviews with Automated Buildings’ owner and editor, Ken Sinclair; Ecorithm’s VP of Sales, John D. Morris; and Temperature Controls Systems, VP of Sales Scott Twomey, together with Control Systems Consultants’ systems integrator, Cory Gunder. See Neptronic’s production video and new TUCB24 product release. Additional posts include: BASSG Controllers, DOE’s newsletter, Open ADR webinar, Thermokon’s new BACnet Transceiver, J2 Innovation’s FIN Stack, Tridium’s JACE 8000, SMARTCORE’S CATA on-line Threat Assessment. Honeywell’s Smart Grid Solution and Stryker LNS Plug-in, Johnson Controls’ TEC3000 thermostat, and ControlTrends’ Streaming. Don’t forget to submit your Young Guns Candidate!

BASSGBAS Services & Graphics Announces R-ION and P-ION Controllers are Here! Since 2004, BASSG has been a constant innovator in Building Automation Technology and BAS Analytics delivery. BASSG reduces implementation and facility management energy costs — via easy-to-deploy, multi-system software tools, and BASSG’s OEM products. Let BASSG be your one-stop provider for everything BAS, and serve as your EnerCase, Solidyne, Ontrol, and SkySpark implementation specialist. View our newest RION Hotel application.

OpenADR2Open ADR Webinar – Easing Peak Load Stress During System Upgrades. Please register for our upcoming webinar “Easing Peak Load Stress During System Upgrades” on Tuesday, Dec. 8th, 2015 8:00 AM PT. REGISTER NOW. Distribution system upgrades can be stressful for utilities and customers, where the need for increased safety margins are heightened in order to manage grid reliability. DR programs typically require years to develop and deploy, but in this case, there are but months before the need for DR available load must be available.

Ken_Sinclair_PhotoControlTalk NOW first guest: Ken Sinclair owner and editor of, discusses Automated Buildings’ December Release: “Our AHR Expo 2016 Preview Issue” and draws our attention to the importance of attending our HVAC industry’s premiere event and prefaces the educational theme for the January, 2016 AHR Expo in Orlando, FL. “Very pleased to be doing our 17th year of Free Education Sessions at AHR Expo 2016 in Orlando. Pleased to be joined by several industry experts to help us all better understand the change upon us. Also extremely pleased that our industry is able through the voice and video of ControlTrend’s Awards “CTA” to recognize AHR Expo’s amazing support. Be sure to read the other Ken’s CTA interview. Here is a snippet:”

Thermokon_STC_BACThermokon’s New STC-BACnet IP 902 MHz EnOcean Radio Transceiver. The STC-BACnet IP 902 MHz EnOcean Radio Transceiver is Thermokon’s new and dynamic bi-directional gateway for EnOcean-based sensors, actuators, controllers, and control systems with BACnet IP interface. Configuration and commissioning is done using the EasySens AirConfig Software tool. Transmitting Frequency and Measuring Principles: Sensors send events and/or time controlled telegrams to the receiver.

ken and eric Young GunsThe ControlTrends Young Guns — Who Will be in the Class of 2015? Nominate NOW! ControlTrends is extremely proud of the Young Gun Awards and what we believe to be another important industry initiative to draw young talent to our industry. There is no better way to enhance the image of the HVAC Industry than recognizing young professionals under the age of 30, who, early in their careers, already make an important contribution or significant impact within their organization — that will serve as career role model. As an industry, we need to collectively seek parity and positive recognition for our HVAC industry and attract more of the young minds and talent needed to sustain our industry in the years to come.

ecorithmControlTalk NOW’s second guest: Ecorithm’s VP of Sales and Marketing, John D. Morris. Ecorithm is reshaping what it means to benchmark, showcase, and ensure occupant comfort, operational efficiency and building health. Ecorithm’s cloud-based software automatically extracts specific and actionable insights from building sensor data, switching operational focus from reactive problem fixing to proactive predictive maintenance. Comfort is a key contributor to the productivity and happiness of building occupants. Ecorithm’s True Comfort Console empowers you to visualize comfort metrics on a detailed floor plan and analyze comfort trends.

NeptronicMultiNeptronic Introduces Multi-App TUCB24 Wall Mount Universal Controller. Exciting news from Neptronic! The TUCB24 is a universal wall-mount controller with built-in temperature sensor and scheduler. The unit is designed for simple and accurate control of a heat pump or other heating/cooling equipment. Its field configurable algorithms enable versatile implementation of required control sequences. The TUCB24C6X2 also provides an external humidity sensor input for simple and accurate humidity control and provides a dehumidification sequence compensated by auto activation of reheat output. Founded in 1976, Neptronic is a private corporation that designs, manufactures and distributes products for the HVAC industry. Our product line includes intelligent controllers, electronic actuators, actuated valves, humidifiers and electric heaters.

ScottSee Why FIN Stack has Systems Integrators Talking. Many are calling FIN Stack the next generation of Building Automation Controls software. Check out this rewind of a live stream, lunch and learn, held at Stromquist & Company, to find out why. J2 Innovation’s, Scott Muench shows us the FIN 3.0 next generation software suite including an entirely new application server called FIN Stack. FIN Stack combines the custom graphic tool FIN Builder, with the FIN Mobile app.

Criticality and Threat Assessment

Criticality and Threat Assessment

SMARTCORE’s Complimentary Online Threat Assessment Survey. SmartCore will translate your answers to this short survey into a Threat Assessment Scorecard as well as a prescriptive Cyber Risk Mitigation Plan that we can help you implement to strengthen your defense against attacks. Risk mitigation measures may include: Hardware, software or network solutions or modifications; Standard Operating Procedures and Protocols; Facilitated Education; Change Management; and Cultural Shift programs

HW_ADR1Honeywell Smart Grid Solutions: How Automated Demand Response Works. Take advantage of Honeywell’s Automated Demand Response (Auto DR) that provides a custom automated solution for commercial and industrial facilities. Limit energy use and ease rate spikes during peak events. When energy demand exceeds supply you need a reliable and efficient energy management system while enabling you to meet business and production needs. Auto DR is part of our Smart Grid.

JACE_8000TridiumTalk — Learn More About the JACE 8000 Before its Debut. Upcoming TridiumTalks provide an in-depth look to get you ready. You won’t want to miss this next TridiumTalk, “JACE® 8000: An in-depth look.” Learn how this powerful new controller adds to the enhanced user experience of Niagara 4. Join Product Marketing Manager Mike Westerfield to hear about its high-performance core, simplified Wi-Fi configuration and many other value-added features. The JACE 8000 represents a dramatic revolution in connecting and controlling devices globally.

ENERGY.GOV12_Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Newsletter. Welcome to the Fuel Cell Technologies Office newsletter. The newsletter is issued monthly to our Fuel Cell News subscribers and includes a recap of the previous month’s news and events, as well as a preview of upcoming activities. Newsletter archives can be found on the website. In this issue: In the News; Funding Opportunities and Requests for Information; Webinars and Workshops; Studies, Reports, and Publications; and National Laboratory and Principal Investigator Achievements.

CombustionCombustion Thursday Live Stream Play List. Check out this live stream of some of our favorite combustion videos in this Thursday Live stream. Learn about gas pressure regulators, combustion analyzers, and combustion controls. This series of six videos that will loop until 7:00PM EST. Check out my interview with the very knowledgeable Dave Krause from Honeywell Combustion and Control. Dave has over thirty years of in the field experience. When it comes to burners and boilers and how to control them, troubleshoot them, and make them safer Dave is the man.

TCSControlTalk NOW’s third guests are Temperature Controls Systems, VP of Sales and Marketing Scott Twomey, and Cory Gunder from Control Systems Consultants. Control Systems Consultants was nominated for the 2015 ControlTrends Awards System Integrator of the year. As you listen to Cory talk about Control Systems Consultants, it’s easy to see why. In CSC’s own words, “In our 25 years of servicing 100’s of businesses with building automation systems and environmental services all of us at Control Systems Consultants are working our hardest to maintain our company’s unwavering commitment to total customer satisfaction.”

JCIJohnson Controls Releases New Thermostat. Johnson Controls has announced that the TEC3000 line of standalone and communicating (field selectable BACnet or N2) thermostats are now available. Here are a couple of the things that make the TEC3000 cool: The 4.2 inch backlit LED touchscreen allows for easy and fast configuration; The N2/BACnet communication switch enables simple migration from N2 to BACnet MS/TP by switching the communication protocol in the software; Every model has a USB port for faster configuration by uploading and downloading thermostat settings; and Home screen configuration allows the building owner or contractor to custom tailor the user experience.

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 3.06.11 PMHoneywell’s LNS Plug-in for Stryker VAV Controllers. Honeywell is pleased to announce the availability of the Stryker VAV LNS Plug-in 2.3.0. Some new and existing BAS installations utilizing LonMark® devices may use general-purpose tools that utilize an LNS Plug-in Director such as Echelon’s LonMaker.

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