ControlTalk Now The HVAC and Smart Building Controls Podcast
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On this weeks ControlTalk Now The HVAC and Smart Buildings Podcast we introduce you to two brilliant CEO's and their equally brilliant smart building controls solutions.

First, we discuss Facilio’s CRE3.0 and its agnostic platform that takes data-driven building operations to a new level of performance.  Now headquartered in NYC, Facilio offers Connected Building Portfolios, featuring coherent end-to-end  views on workflows and processes that optimize the  Tenant experience, Energy management, and Data-driven operations.

PassiveLogic has separated itself from the crowd of flagship controls vendors by combining empathetic design with rarefied technology. PassiveLogic has created a guided digital work site where all of the networking is self-contained.  Watch, as Troy Harvey takes us on a guided tour of PassiveLogic’s Innovation Controller — a BAS iPad that is extremely formidable in the hands of an expert; yet, equally powerful and promising to a young HVAC technician.

Chris brings the ControlTrends Community up-to-date with how Delta Controls uses technology to meet the expectations of multiple stakeholders within a building; how a smart building must adapt more rapidly to the effective utilization of the building; the 03 Sensor Hub and sensor fusion delivers a lot of connection points and their data to a Building Automation Systems.

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Ed Merwin, Tridium’s Director of Strategic Business, has been a leading  force in the Building Automation Industry for over twenty years. Ed’s enthusiasm and excitement about the opportunistic state that our industry is in at the moment — is compelling. As Tridium prepares itself for the Niagara Summit 2020 in San Diego, next month, listen in and hear why Ed thinks this will the best and most diverse Summit event yet: Chip level AI, Cyber Security technologies, MQTT — the BACnet of the Cloud, and much more awaits NS2020 attendees.

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