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Episode 225: ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast|PodCast for week ending May 14, 2017 captures the essence and impact of the 2017 Haystack Connect event held at the Saddlebrook Resort in Tampa, FL, last week. The 2017 Haystack Connect was about our industry becoming “Haystackable.” And, as many INTEL-igent people are realizing, both the stakes and the pay-offs are too high to ignore. Imagine a building, a city, or a country where all the devices, controllers, and server-side web APIs — are driving data to its highest potential. The 3-day convergence of industry experts, systems integrators, specifying engineers, and end-users was amazing. Just watch the videos —
and be sure to stay tuned to ControlTrends as we bring you coverage of EasyIO’s Global Conference from Manchester, UK!

2017 Haystack Connect Begins on a Huge Note — A Thriving Community Assembles in Mass — Industry Gravitas, Systemic Benefits, and EcoHaystack Fun. ControlTrends coverage of the 2017 Haystack Connect begins among hundreds of industry experts, systems integrators, specifying engineers, and end-users — all mingling in a vendor-rich reception, an amazing and exciting testament to the growing Haystack community and ecosystem. As key Haystack Connect organizer, Marc Petock tells us, “This year’s theme is ‘Data Gets Real,’” and there will be many real-world examples featured, where Haystack is being used to deliver large-scale, high-level management strategies and solutions.

2017 Haystack Connect DAY 2 — Project Haystack Shifts into Overdrive: “Beyond Buildings: Data Models and Project Haystack.” ControlTrends is joined by Therese Sullivan, editor of, in summarizing amazing Day 2 of 2017 Haystack Connect — which shifted into overdrive as Keynote speakers Rita H. Wouhaybi, Systems Architect, Intel and Milan Milenkovic, Principal, IoTsense, took the early morning stage and helped to bring the enormous macro potential of Project Haystack into perspective. It is quite clear that there are no boundaries when it comes to data and scaling opportunities — and scaling strategies. A full complement of breakout sessions followed till 5:30 PM, with themes ranging from Industrial IoT & Connected Buildings, to Project Haystack on the Energy Path, to Large Scale IoT Architectures.

DAY 3 at 2017 Haystack Connect — Meet the Power, the Progress, and the Players of Project Haystack by Day — Rockstars by Night! This ControlTrends video proves that our industry is full of superstars by day and rock stars by night. DAY 3 at 2017 Haystack Connect was another fire-hose day of new information, new perspectives, and technical insight beginning with opening remarks from Scott Muench, Vice President, J2 Innovations, followed by a special presentation from Keynote speaker, Rawlson O’Neil King, Communications Director, CABA “Intelligent Buildings and the Impact of the Internet of Things.” Donny Walker, PE, RCDD, Partner at Newcomb & Boyd and Rawlson O’Neil King join ControlTrends and Therese to discuss some of the highlights from DAY 3. A sumptuous closing Gala Dinner was followed by the fantastic Interoperable Blues Band.

EasyIO World Conference, May 21-23, 2017, Manchester United, UK. EasyIO is changing the way building automation is deployed and is also reducing the cost. This Global Partner Event will unveil and officially release awesome new products and features to further enhance building and energy solutions for all types of buildings. We have a reputation to hold up for our amazing event programming, so this edition will definitely not disappoint you. Amsterdam, Madrid and Paris were previous hosts. For this year the surprising city of Manchester will be the place to be. We would love to invite you.

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Episode 224: ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast|PodCast for Week Ending May 7, 2017 features interviews with Leroy Walden, President and Chief Consultant, Highrose Consultants; Fred Gordy, Director of Cyber Security, Intelligent Buildings; and Ken Sinclair, owner and editor of Automated Buildings. Also in Episode 224: 2017 CGNA Synergy Conference highlights; EasyIO’s Global Event update and the 9-video EasyIO Training Video series is now available; 2017 Haystack Connect starts May 8th; and much more!

A Note to the Smart Buildings Controls Industry. This just in from Lynxspring’s Marc Petock: Lynxspring is pleased to announce that we will be demonstrating our latest edge-to-enterprise and IoT solutions at Haystack Connect 2017. The biennial Conference of the Project Haystack Organization is being held this year at the Saddlebrook Resort Tampa, May 8 through May 10, 2017. These solutions will be demonstrated in Lynxspring’s Booth # E11. Lynxspring is a founding member and holds a seat on the Board of Directors of Project Haystack, and is a Sponsor of the Haystack Connect 2017 Conference.

ControlTrends takes a deep-dive into CyberSecurity with our interview with two top industry experts, Leroy Walden, President and Chief Consultant, Highrose Consultants and Fred Gordy, Director of Cyber Security, Intelligent Buildings. Listen in, as Leroy and Fred advise the ControlTrends Community about attending industry events that are real opportunities to get up-to-speed with threat assessment, risks, and best practices — to deal effectively with the cyber terrorism. Both experts caution that the liability to safeguard networks is being shifted onto the shoulders of the system integrator integrating the building automation system into the network. Be sure to contact Leroy Walden at ( — to take advantage of Leroy’s $100.00 discount for the 2017 Realcomm|IBcon Conference and Smart Buildings Integrator Summit, June 13th-15th in San Diego, CA.

Ken Sinclair’s Automated Buildings May, 2017 Theme: Our second interview is with Automated Buildings owner and editor, Ken Sinclair, who discusses the many IoT challenges and trends facing our industry along with his May theme, “The Uberization of Comfort, Satisfaction, and Wellbeing.” “Occupant self-love” continues to improve its presence and functionality — integrating itself more readily into our building automation industry with a host of IoT applications that input the human whereabouts — and its condition, into the building network of things. Click here to read another great edition of Automated Buildings.

ControlTrends Interview with ACI’s Barry Gordon at the 2017 CGNA Synergy Conference. ControlTrends had the opportunity to visit with Barry Gordon, Senior Sales Engineer at ACI, who was excited to tell us about ACI’s new DLP Low Pressure Transmitter. The DLP Series is based on a piezoresistive, silicon sensing element which senses Differential Pressure and provides an analog output. The hinged cover on the DLP can be easily opened using the integrated locking tab on the side of the enclosure. This allows for easy access to the zero function and field selectable ranges and outputs.

2016 ControlTrends Awards Highlight: Catch all the excitement as the global ControlTrends Community crowns the 2016 Light Commercial Controls Solution of of the Year Award winner. In this case, it will take two crowns as both KMC Controls and Proton Optergy get recognized for their outstanding solutions. KMC’s mission is to “provide innovative, intuitive building automation and Smart Buildings Controls solutions from responsive and supportive people,” and the KMC Commander delivers as an open building automation and Smart Buildings control system that is open, secure, and scaleable. “Proton by Optergy became the first true open supervisor and controller that can interoperate with any BACnet unitary controller and is 100% web based. It has all the needed tools to setup, operate and maintain the system, and has all of this at economical price points.”

The Complete EASYIO FG Training Series. In this 9 part video training course, Mike Marston shows you everything you need to know to get up and running with one of the most powerful controllers in Smart Building controls — the EASYIO FG controller. Learn how to program the controller, and create graphics and analytics. Click here to go to the EASYIO FG Training Course.Great job Mike!

The EasyIO Global Partner Event agenda has been set with the following speakers: David Kipling, vice president of Jabil Circuit Inc. (US), Andrius Jasiulionis, automation engineer of Helgevold Electro (Norway), Jason Briggs, CEO of J2 Innovations (US). And of course, key people from EasyIO will tell you all about where we are going as a company: Johan Schakenraad, President & CEO of EasyIO Europe B.V., Mike Marston, vice president of EasyIO Holdings Pte Ltd., Lim Hoon Chiat, CTO/R&D EasyIO Holdings Pte Ltd., and EasyIO Tech Team. But there’s more than just the conference: an informal pre-event gathering at the Hard Rock Café on Sunday evening May 21, dinner and awesome entertainment on Monday evening, May 22, and an exclusive VIP training for CPT Tools and EasyStack on Tuesday, May 23. Check out the full program.

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Episode 223: ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast|PodCast for week ending Apr 30, 2017 takes on a special dimension as we videoed the show on location at the CGNA Synergy Conference at the Peabody Hotel, in Memphis, TN. Additionally, EasyIO releases VAV using Wi-Fi Mesh and Live Wiresheets; Hepta Systems’ Jason Houck, Award-Winning Master Systems Integrator on ControlTalk Rewind; Acuity Brands Introduces SiteView™ Energy Solution; AHR interview with Dimitri Papadopoulos of Johnson Controls; ControlTrends Rewind with Therese Sullivan; and new Edge Controllers from Lynxspring.

ControlTrends CGNA Vendor interviews with Earl Doyle, Director, Product Management & Smart Systems Efficiency, VERASYS, Johnson Controls’ Plug-and Play Controls System for Light Commercial Buildings; Josh Felphrin, Senior Sales Manager, Siemens’ TRA and BT300 Solutions; Gina Elliott, Marketing Manager, Small to Mid-Markets, Schneider Electric’s New Building Insights, Small Building & Energy Management System; Aaron Gorka, Innovation Manager, ANT Technologies’Paperless, cloud-based, operational technology for HVAC & Control Contractors; Barry Gordon, Senior Sales Engineer, ACI’s New DLP Differential Low Pressure Transmitter; Maggie Talbert, North East Regional Sales Manager, Functional Devices’ new products and continued partnerships; Bill Dunkleberger, President, Blue Ridge Technologies’ BACnet Unified Lighting Solutions; and Mike Sackett, Executive Director, CGNA Elite — Industry’s Elite Working Together.

EasyIO is CHANGING the Game — Again! VAV using Wi-Fi Mesh and Live Wiresheets. EasyIO is CHANGING the Game — Again! This time with VAV using Wi-Fi Mesh, Live Wiresheets, and you can mix wired and wireless, all running BACnet IP, with free tools and no extra fees. Does it get any better? And you get to keep the labor and wiring savings, as we are not charging a premium for this awesome device. See this in Manchester, UK, May 22-23, 2017, at the Global EasyIO Partner Event.

Hepta Systems’ Jason Houck, Award-Winning Master Systems Integrator on ControlTalk Rewind. On this episode of ControlTalk Rewind, we replay our interview with Hepta Systems’ Jason Houck, Award-Winning Master Systems Integrator. Jason, and Hepta Systems are all about taking the Smart Building Controls concept to the next level — and making their service available through The Panel Shoppe! Inquire within.

Acuity Brands Introduces SiteView™ Energy Solution! Real-Time Power Metering to Manage Energy Consumption and Costs. ATLANTA – April 25, 2017 — Acuity Brands, Inc. (NYSE: AYI) today introduced its SiteView™ Energy solution, which combines power metering devices and a digital dashboard, to create a detailed, real-time look at actual energy consumption within a building. The SiteView Energy solution takes advantage of software that is hosted within nLight ECLYPSE™ smart building-ready controllers, also from Acuity Brands, to help building owners track and analyze weekly, monthly and yearly energy data to identify trends and savings.

Catching Up with Dimitri Papadopoulos and Johnson Controls at the 2017 AHR Show. ControlTrends interview with Dimitri Papadopoulos of Johnson Controls, who tells us all about Johnson Controls’ new Niagara Analytics and the Johnson Controls new technology on display at the 2017 AHR Expo. Johnson Controls featured their FX Supervisory Controllers, which are web-based supervisory-class controllers in the Facility Explorer product family. FX Supervisory Controllers manage networks of field controllers using open communication protocols, such as such as BACnet®, LONWORKS®, and N2 protocols.

Edge Controls the Smart way to do Smart Building Controls: Lynxspring explains at the 2017 AHR Show. ControlTrends stopped by the Lynxspring booth at the 2017 AHR product show case. See what Marc Petock and Chris Ryan had to show us about the edge and Edge controllers. The Edge is the next great frontier in making smart building controls smarter.

Smart Buildings ControlTalk Rewind: Therese Sullivan. On this episode of ControlTalk Now Smart Buildings Control Rewind we feature Therese Sullivan, editor Therese is writer/technologist and marketing professional providing news and analysis for commercial building system integrators, facilities managers and real estate professionals about innovations in building automation with emphasis on data analytics, mobile apps, cloud services and wireless networking.

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