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Episode 300: ControlTalk NOW — The Smart Building and HVAC controls Videocast and PodCast for week ending Jan 27, 2019 celebrates the 300th episode of ControlTalk NOW with our guests: Lynxspring’s Marc Petock, Jackson Control’s Roger Rebennack, and EasyIO’s Mike Marston, and Lim Hoon Chiat. A very special thanks to all the members of the ControlTrends Community that joined in on our celebration, particularly, the team at Jackson Control; Ken Sinclair, Automated Buildings; Howard Berger, Realcomm; Jim Hayman, CGNA; Aaron Gorka, ANT Technologies; and Stephen Johnson, McKenney’s. Eric and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts, as we make ready for the next 300 episodes.

Standing Room Only Session –> Next Generation HVAC Controls: Open Hardware – Open Software. The panel of Brad White, Nicolas Waern, Calvin Slater, and Zach Nestov laid out their concepts of next generation of Open Hardware and Open Software to a standing room only crowd at their session at the 2019 AHR EXPO. The opinions from the attendees was remarkably candid and often contrary to the panel’s as the transformative changes disrupting the BAS industry naturally set many of the old-school traditionalist’s viewpoints at odds with the extraordinary economic implications of espousing open (free) hardware and software.

Tridium University: Don’t Miss These Training Courses offered Throughout 2019. Tridium University is offering a wide variety of training courses across the world in the coming months. Our award-winning instructors and certified training partners stand ready to help the global Niagara Community innovate with Niagara solutions.

The Smart Building Automation Evolution: From Ethernet to Emotion. Join Ken Sinclair, Therese Sullivan and Brad White as they discuss Smart Building controls evolution over the last twenty years. The smart building controls evolution is closely coupled with the internet. What has changed in the 20 years of the Internet? Cost is down; speed is up, everything has an IP address, the Internet has become clouded with powerful microcomputers that are out on the edge, self-learning and sharing their intelligence with everyone – and everyone is continuously connected.

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Episode 299: ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings Videocast and PodCast for week ending Jan 20, 2019 features the 2018 ControlTrends Awards Winners, the Class of 2018 Young Guns, Hall of Fame Inductees, and the Petock Award recipient, along with a teaser highlight video of the show and some great photo captures. Project Haystack releases Winter 2019 Issue of Connections Magazine; ACI releases new BACnetTM Sensor line; Shorehill recapitalizes Functional Devices; and Leading Industry experts join Ken Sinclair’s 7th Connection Community Collaboratory at the 2019 AHR EXPO.

ControlTrends Awards Announces the 2018 CTA Award Winners, Young Guns, Petock Award Recipient, and Hall of Fame Inductees. Marc Petock and Kimberly Brown did a marvelous job co-hosting the 2018 ControlTrends Awards ceremony at the historic Fox Theatre in Atlanta, where the superstars and heroes of the HVAC and Building Automation industries were recognized, along with 2018 Hall of Fame inductees, the 2018 Petock Award recipient, and the 2018 ControlTrends Young Guns. Photo and video highlights to follow!

2018 ControlTrends Awards Highlights V1. Thanks to Rob Allen for his awesome highlight video from the 2018 ControlTrends Awards on Sunday night. The ControlTrends Awards celebrate the best of the best in Smart Buildings and HVAC Controls. To check out this year’s winners, click here. We have lots more media footage and photos from the 2018 ControlTrends Awards yet to come, so stay tuned to ControlTrends to see more. To view highlights of our first ControlTrends Awards click here.

Images from the 2018 ControlTrends Awards. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and we tried to say a lot with the 2018 ControlTrends Awards, as we honored the superstars of the Smart Building and HVAC Controls world. We have lots more media to come, so stay tuned to ControlTrends for all the Smart Buildings and HVAC Controls News you can use, and for updates on the ControlTrends Awards. Until then, please enjoy these images, and Click here to see the winners from this years show.

Project Haystack Organization Publishes Winter 2019 Issue of Connections Magazine. The Project Haystack Organization, a collaborative community addressing the challenge of utilizing semantic modeling and tagging to streamline the interchange of data among different systems, devices, equipment and software applications, today announced the publication of their fifth issue of Haystack Connections Magazine.

ACI Releases NEW BACnetTM Sensor Line. Committed to engineering a better sensor solution, ACI has launched the BN Series Temperature and Humidity BACnetTM Sensor Line. This new line has been designed to meet the sensor needs of network-based control systems. ACI’s initial offering includes single point temperature or humidity sensors along with dual point combination temperature and humidity sensors.

Shorehill Recapitalizes Functional Devices. Author: Hannah Kibler. We are excited to announce that effective January 4, 2019, Functional Devices has been recapitalized by a group of investors consisting of Shorehill Capital, LLC, Ken Rittmann and certain members of the management team. Shorehill is a Chicago-based private equity firm focused on equity investments in North American based engineered industrial product, industrial service and value-added distribution companies.

Leading Industry Experts Join Ken Sinclair’s 7th Connection Community Collaboratory at 2019 AHR EXPO. Ken Sinclair was joined by a panel of renown industry experts at the Exploring our Human Connection, Our Seventh Annual Connection Community Collaboratory held January 15th, at the 2019 AHR EXPO in Atlanta, to assist Ken’s heightened efforts to enlighten our industry and help maximize the potential opportunities the burgeoning wave of IoT technologies that both endow — and challenge us.

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Episode 298: ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings Videocast and PodCast for week ending Jan 6, 2019 delivers a most unique meeting of the minds, as industry veteran Ken Sinclair, owner/editor of Automated Buildings, is joined by SES Engineering’s Brad White, who discuss a myriad of industry topics from points of view — some forty years apart, but not really. Our 7th Annual ControlTrends Awards event is this Sunday in Atlanta; Jackson Control/Building Automated Security Solutions (BASS) to host Active Shooter Detection System webinar; Ken Sinclair/Automated Buildings is hosting NINE FREE education sessions at AHR Expo 2019 Atlanta; and don’t miss the January edition of Automated Buildings.

ControlTrends is excited to announce the 2018 ControlTrends Awards will take place next Sunday, January 13, 2019, from 6:30PM to 9:30PM, at Atlanta’s Historic Fox Theatre, located at 660 Peachtree Street, N.E. It’s going to be an exciting and entertaining evening with a sumptuous banquet dinner in an amazing venue that offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy our industry’s most heralded celebration of the year.

ControlTalk NOW interview with Ken Sinclair and Brad White walk us through a number of trending industry topics from points of view (forty years apart). Please note! Ken and Automated Buildings are hosting nine free education sessions at AHR Expo 2019 Atlanta. 9 Free Education Sessions @ AHRExpo 2019. Please be sure to download the app and put us on your show planner custom agenda so we know you are coming.

Building Automated Security Solutions (BASS): WEBINAR DEMO on Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System. Law enforcement and government security experts agree that early detection and enhanced situational awareness are two critical components of any emergency response plan. Gunshot detection is a key technology to automate shot detection and report lifesaving information to those in danger when seconds matter most. Wednesday, January 9, 2019, at 3:00pm Eastern. RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW! Contact Roger Rebennack for more information: 317-231-2200 – Direct, 317-694-1904 – mobile

Exploring Our Human Connection: 7th Annual Connection Community Collaboratory Tue. January 15 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM | B311. How do we best “Look” with rapidly evolving video analytics, “Listen” with natural language interaction and learning, using the personal assistants that are evolving as part of our edge-bots? Use our history of “Feeling” temperature, humidity, occupancies etc. and best combine this all with “Thinking” that will come from self-learning. Moderator Ken Sinclair, Automated Buildings, will be joined by a panel of veteran industry experts: Marc Petock, Trevor Palmer, Troy Davis, George Thomas, and John Petze at the Sixth Annual Connection Community Collaboratory.

In his Automated Buildings’ January editorial, editor/owner Ken Sinclair sounds the “Open 2019″ trumpets! Just how open is Ken Sinclair talking about?” Well, Ken pulls no punches. He wants big time open! Quote: “The ‘major proprietary dragons’ of our building automation industry are slow to warm to open, but are using open source to catch up. All want to use open, but none want to be open which would loosen their grip on their proprietary market share. But open is slowly happening because bigger dragons like Google & Amazon are breathing fire on their tails…or is that…tales…big smile.” Read more!

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