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Mahesh Nair is excited about Siemens’ new resilient seat butterfly valve design that offers life cycles of 300,000 repositions, 30, 000 strokes, and commercial actuators with 1.5 million repositions. Siemens has solved the three greatest butterfly valve pain points: high temperature performance, bubble-tight shutoff for 0% leakage, and on-time deliveries. Watch, and learn more!

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ntelligent Buildings Fred Gordy the Director of Cyber Security and Rob Goss from Intelligent Buildings join us on Episode 367 of Controltalk Now the Smartt Buildings Video Cast. COVID 19 has not slowed down the need for improving building cybersecurity. Fred and Rob update you on what you need to do to make your buildings safe and cyber secure.

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Ken Sinclair form Automated Buildings is our guest om Episode 366 of Controltallk Now the HVAC and Smart Buildings Video Cast and Podcast. ken offers his unique perspective on COVId 19 and how the informed HVAC Control Pro can profit by being part of the solution.

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