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In Episode 397 of Controltalk Now the Smart Building Controls Videocast we dive deep into cybersecurity and today's smart buildings Cybersecurity pros Marc Peatock, Fred Gordy, and Derek Harp share the things the smart building control pro needs to know to make smart connected buildings safe from cyber attacks..

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In Episode 396 of ControlTalk Now The Smart Buildings V. Cast we explore proven marketing concepts that can help the Smart Building Controls Community gain a strategic advantage. Our guest this week is Ken Christensen. Ken is the marketing professional's go-to resource. Ken is a disciple of Ted Turner and for over thirty years has helped clients like the Ritz-Carlton and Wells Real Estate Funds maximize opportunities through better marketing. This episode is a must for those who are looking to break away from their competitors.

Automated Buildings Ken Sinclair joins us on this week's episode to discuss the April issue of Automated Buildings and how we must adapt to the changes in smart buildings and smart building controls.

With over 50 years of success in the business, Ken Sinclair tells us that "agility with the ability to go around unmovable objects quickly proved to be a good life skill, and 'Adaptation' is our survival superpower."