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In new his strategic marketing role, Ed Merwin gives the ControlTrends Community an update on all things Tridium, which is a 100% software based business.  Lots to talk about: great leadership, new products, 2020 AHR EXPO and N4 2020 Summit, double-digit growth, and a end-user pursuit team.


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On this weeks show Ken and I update the ControlTrends Community on the 2019 ControlTrends Awards and the HVAC and Smart Building Controls Superstars that will be honored at this special event.

In addition Ken and I update you on the HVAC and Smart Building Controls News of the Week, including a deep dive into Johnson Controls purchase of EASY IO.

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Interview with Ken Sinclair, owner/editor of Automated Buildings. Our industry's most celebrated futurist reviews his October theme, Building Backbone and Wireless Skin, and previews the November theme, Sharing Data, Work-Space, Interaction, and Integration.

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Episode 332 ControlTalk Now The HVAC and Smart Buildings V.Cast, Troy Harvey the CEO and Founder of Passive Logic is our guest on this weeks show. Take everything you know about Smart Building Control Systems and throw it out the window. Troy will amaze you with the approach and products that he and Passive Logic take to Smart Building Controls.
This is one of the best episodes yet.

Don't miss this greatly informative interview with PassiveLogic CEO, Troy Harvey, who explains that the cloud is not the answer. PassiveLogic has a next-generation deep digital twin concept and the software and hardware to change our industry. PassiveLogic is on the way to democratizing technology.

The conditions are always changing, multiple interrelated systems must work together, and all the people associated with a building need different things. At PassiveLogic, we look at this complication and see an opportunity for integration and simplicity. Buildings controls are purchased and used by regular people, not executives sitting in ivory towers

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On Episode 331 of Controltalk Now the HVAC and Smart Buildings Video Cast and Podcast we are joined by Tridium's Therese Sullivan and Brent Lowe. Therese and Brent walk us through all the cool new features in Niagara 4.8 including the new ACE Engine, Edge 10 and the Security dashboard.

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Bill Vargo: The RDS120-B, with its high-end look and feel, high level of energy efficiency and extended features, was conceived by taking into consideration the expectations of installers and end-users. It is strategically targeted for use in light commercial and managed residential, mixed use applications to include dormitories, multi-use space and small retail.


Ken Sinclair: “Our internet communication connections with everything are under metamorphic change. They are morphing before our eyes to glass and thin air, “Fiber” and “Wireless” from the traditional miles of copper wire.” Also, Ken gives us a preview of the 12 learning sessions scheduled for the 2020 AHR EXPO. Read more!

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On this Episode of ControlTalk Now The HVAC and Smart Buildings Controls Podcast, Ken and I discuss the amazing demonstation of what is possible in Smart Building Controls today and in the future. There has been lot's of discussions about what be be accomplished when Smart Buildings maximize the integration of HVAC, IOT, Lighting, Access and Security, Tenant services, and business systems, until Friday, ken and I had never witnessed a fully funictional smart building integration that combined all of these systems. As you will hear on the show it was inspiring. Congratulations to Jones Lange Lasalle, Acuity Brands, Distech Controls and all the other players who made this happen.

Steve Shaw, from Sierra Monitoring joined us and gave us quite the education on networking routers and systems that connect smart buildings and smart building control systems.

Our other guest, Ken Sinclair, the owner of automated buildings, helped us do a deep dive and unpacking of all that we saw and learned at the REALComm/ IBcon show in Nashville. 

As you will hear, we have passed a significant tipping point in the evolution of Smart Buildings and Smart Building Controls.

How can you take advantage of this huge shift in the world of HVAC and Smart Building Controls?

Start by listening to and subscribing to this podcast, make sure to check out the website, and subscribe to the Controltrends Smart Buildings You Tube Channel. We are pumping out control news you can use every day.

As as my teacher always said, "Nothing is Obvious to the Uninformed"

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Don't be put off by the robot voice that introduces this weeks show.

Live from Realcomm?IBcon in Nashville, Marc Petock fills in for Ken and Eric. 

Listen as Marc and his very special guests:  Steven Anson, VP Marketing, Anixter; Kendall Anderson, Marketing and Public Relationship Manager, FSG; and Pook-Ping Yao, CEO, Optigo Networks  share their take-aways from this record setting event.

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How Haystack Tagging will Change Smart Building Controls Forever

Episode 312 ControlTalk Now the HVAC and Smart Buildings Podcast gives you the HVAC and Smart Building Control News of the Week for the week ending April 21, 2019.

Our guests this week are two of the smartest people in Smart Building Controls, Lynxspring's Marc Petock, and Sky Foundry's John Petze. Marc and John are two of the driving forces behind one of the most exciting developments in HVAC and Smart Building Controls, Project Haystack.

Project Haystack at its core is a tagging convention that allows data to be extracted and used in the most cost-effective way possible. THis is huge!!!

In this episode of ControlTalk Now The HVAC and Smart Buildings Podcast, John and Marc do a deep dive into Project Haystack

Here is what to listen for:

  • What Haystack Tagging is and why it is such a game changer
  • How Haystack tags work
  • How Project Haystack can help you differentiate your HVAC and Smart buildings control business
  • How to get started with Haystack tags right now
  • How you can get involved in the Haystack Community 

Be sure to get more HVAC and Smart Building Control News you can use at


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See you next week on ControlTalk Now The HVAC and Smart Buildings Podcast

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Another apex moment in the Smart Buildings Controls Renaissance movement, where over 1300 of the world’s top developers, programmers, building owners, engineers and executives have joined Nino DiCosmo and the Tridium staff to participate in forums, presentations and breakout sessions that will set the precedence and pace in the realm of smart, intelligent, and connected buildings. Over 300 developer partners participated in the future of Niagara 4 at the Boot Camp session. The evening Welcome Reception was kicked off in true Mardi Gras fashion with a police-escort led parade ending at the fabulous Champions Square.

Nino DiCosmo, President and General Manager, opened DAY 2 by delivering a compelling Keynote message on just how deep the technology disruption goes and his vision of the Niagara Communities’ opportunities to fully leverage technology, achieve operational excellence, and develop new revenue streams. John Sublett, Chief Technology Officer, was next up, commenting “We will be integrating the key technologies for you — that’s the power of an open system” and Pranay Prakash, Vice President, Product Marketing, followed with “Edge and cloud technologies will completely change the IoT game and we want to lead this transformation.”

See all the highlights at

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