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Join in as we celebrate episode 400 with one of the top executives in the industry, Martin Villeneuve, who spearheaded Distech’s triple-digit growth. Distech continues to lead the way with powerful innovations for its Systems Integrators and End-Users, and its commitment to develop the Community with education and recruitment initiatives.

ControlTrends thanks all the great people, organizations, companies, and vendors that have allowed us to reach our 400 episodes milestone and 3 million-plus views — from over 40 countries. It has been a fabulous and rewarding adventure thus far!

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Bueno Systems CEO, Leon Wurfel joins us this week on Episode 399 of Controltalk Now The HVAC and Smart Buildings Video Cast. Leon helps us understand how having the right front-end Smart Building Controls interface can make buildings more efficient and profitable. Are you having a hard time finding qualified people to run and manage tour facilities? Leon will explain how having the right interface and the proper use of data can eliminate the need for more costly personal.

Ken Sinclair helps me break down the Smart Building and HVAC control news of the week.

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