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ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast and Podcast for week ending May 22, 2016 features video and interview coverage of the 2016 Niagara Summit held May 15th through the 17th, in New Orleans, where over 1300 of the world’s top developers, programmers, building owners, engineers and executives met to take the smart, connected, and intelligent building — and the Building Renaissance to its next level. Many more videos to follow. Congratulations once again to Nino DiCosmo, Jenny Graves, and the team at Tridium, as well as the vendors, breakout speakers, and the Niagara Community at large — for the professional enrichment and networking. We already look forward to the 2018 Niagara Summit.

nino1ControlTalk Now — DAY 1 @ 2016 Niagara Summit Recap. ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast and Podcast for week ending May 15, 2016 is all about DAY 1 @ 2016 Niagara Summit in New Orleans — and another apex moment in the Building Renaissance movement, where over 1300 of the world’s top developers, programmers, building owners, engineers and executives have joined Nino DiCosmo and the Tridium staff to participate in forums, presentations and breakout sessions that will set the precedence and pace in the realm of smart, intelligent, and connected buildings. Over 300 developer partners participated in the future of Niagara 4 at the Boot Camp session. The evening Welcome Reception was kicked off in true Mardi Gras fashion with a police-escort led parade ending at the fabulous Champions Square.

day 2DAY 2 @ 2016 Niagara Summit — See the Niagara Community in Action! Nino DiCosmo, President and General Manager, opened DAY 2 by delivering a compelling Keynote message on just how deep the technology disruption goes and his vision of the Niagara Communities’ opportunities to fully leverage technology, achieve operational excellence, and develop new revenue streams. John Sublett, Chief Technology Officer, was next up, commenting “We will be integrating the key technologies for you — that’s the power of an open system” and Pranay Prakash, Vice President, Product Marketing, followed with “Edge and cloud technologies will completely change the IoT game and we want to lead this transformation.”

EdCatching Up with Ed Merwin at the Niagara Summit 2016. Ken and I catch up with Ed Merwin, one of our favorite people in the Smart Buildings Controls Industry. Ed gives us his thoughts on the 2016 Niagara Summit, N4, and how the future looks in a world connected by Niagara. Ed is one of the most recognized experts in the Building Automation and Integration industry, having introduced the Niagara Platform and the concept of system integration to many of North America’s earliest integration adopters.

NinoNino DiCosmo, Leadership Extraordinaire — DAY 3 @ 2016 Niagara Summit. In between all the excitement, networking, and learning at the 2016 Niagara Summit, Ken and I got a chance to catch up with Nino DiCosmo, President and General Manager at Tridium. Nino reviews the growth of the Niagara Community, the milestones already accomplished, and the global road map ahead. Hear what Nino has to say about the first three days of what is arguably the best Niagara Summit yet!

KE1DAY 3 @ 2016 Niagara Summit Highlights — Keynote Speaker David Pogue — Out for a Funrun with Technology. DAY 3 @ 2016 Niagara Summit Highlight — Keynote Speaker David Pogue. David has over 3 million books in print, was founder of Yahoo Tech, and serves as the personal-technology columnist for the New York Times. David enlightened, entertained, challenged, and inspired the Niagara Community with his humorous, but piercing insight into the forces changing our lives and our careers. 80% of the new movies, new books and new technology will not be success stories, but the message wasn’t the math. Run with technology; not against it. Great job Tridium — on another great Niagara Summit.

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ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast and Podcast for week ending May 8, 2016 features interviews with Smart Buildings Controls Renaissance expert Ken Sinclair, owner editor of Automated Buildings, and Cyber Security expert, Fred Gordy, Director of Cyber Security at Intelligent Buildings, LLC. Register now for the June 21st Realcomm/IBcon Smart Building Integrators Summit in San Jose. Additionally, BASSG introduces Analytics at the Edge Device; Functional Devices offers a new Fan Safety Alarm Control; and Peter Greisinger from Intermatic talks about some great products to battle Light Litter.

Ken_Sinclair_Photo ControlTalk NOW’s first interview is with Smart Buildings Controls Renaissance expert Ken Sinclair, owner editor of Automated Buildings. Ken Sinclair discusses Automated Buildings May Theme “Our Open IoT Centric Future,” Acquisition Impacts, and Open, Cheap, & Sexy Lighting Report. Ken Sinclair’s editorial in May’s Automated Buildings has a few Paul Revere like messages in the first two paragraphs. The first being that four relatively large control companies were bought recently, and the efficacious assimilation of their technologies will allow for much larger and more successful market penetration in the Building Automation arena from non-traditional directions.

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 10.54.53 AMThe Smart Buildings Controls Renaissance Begins — Review of Global EasyIO Partner Event in Paris. The Smart Buildings Controls Renaissance began a year ago in Paris as the great minds of smart buildings and building automation controls gathered at the EASY IO Event to discuss and reinvent the way we save energy and make buildings smarter. That week marked the beginning, but not the end of innovation in the Smart Buildings Control space. The vendors and systems integrators that gathered at the Global EasyIO Partner Event — from six continents, all agreed that buildings are the common language and currency — and EasyIO is the common language spoken.

ibcon_panel_viewPre-Con’s Smart Building Integrators Summit: Chart Your Next Moves from a Single Building to a Large Portfolio. Realcomm/IBcon 2016 Pre-Con Smart Building Integrators Summit provides a detailed map where the next-generation Master Systems Integrator is — and how you can get there. Today we are dealing with three different generations of smart building technologies: (1) Past (closed, proprietary, single system), (2) Current (more open and attempting to retrieve data and functionality of the older more closed systems) and (3) Future (IP-enabled, intuitive GUIs, analytics, edge devices pumping data directly to the cloud). But, with all of these new changes comes more and more involvement with IT technologies.

aplher222BASSG Joins The Smart Buildings Controls Renaissance Introducing Analytics Processed at the Edge Device! When people say that we are living in the post-PC era they mean that the personal computer is being eclipsed as the center of the IT universe by the smartphone. With the advent of the Smart Buildings Controls Renaissance, operations technology is experiencing a similar reordering. In this new era of the Internet of Things (IoT), compute resources equivalent to a PC or smartphone are being integrated into all sorts of equipment and devices. For commercial buildings, a new category of IoT device is emerging -— the BASSG Energy Analytics Controller (EAC). Smart building applications development may soon revolve around the enormous possibilities of these edge devices.

RIBMNLB-1 Functional Devices — A Much Simpler Decision Than Picking a 2016 Presidential Primary Candidate. Functional Devices does it again! The RIBMNLB-1 gives you a simple and effective FAN SAFETY ALARM CIRCUIT control. Functional Devices, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing quality electronic devices in the United States of America since 1969. Alarm Fault Application Explained: When the Latch/Fault Input is Closed (Normal state), the Relay is activated, and Red LED is Off. When Latch/Fault Input Opens (Alarm state), the Relay deactivates, and Red LED turns On. Until the Latch/ Fault Input is Closed AND either power is cycled or the RESET button is pressed, relay will remain in the Alarm state.

LL.001Light Litter is Costing 2 Billion Dollars a Year! Light Litter, a term Ken Smyers coined, wastes two billion dollars a year in energy. What is Light Litter? Light Litter is when you have a beautiful sunny day and outside lights are still on. To see examples of light litter you can go to The Green Marines Facebook Page. If you see examples of Light Litter, please go to The Green Marines Facebook Page and upload a picture. Change starts with awareness, and as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Reach out to your local politician and ask them to stop Light Litter. this is a problem the HVAC and Smart Buildings Control Community can easily solve. In this video, Ken reaches out to Peter Greisinger from Intermatic to learn about the easy to use affordable lighting timers and controls that Intermatic has to eliminate light litter.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 8.19.35 PMControlTalk NOW’s second interview is with Fred Gordy, Director of Cyber Security at Intelligent Buildings, LLC. Fred Gordy is one of the leading evangelists on Cyber Security, particularly as it applies to Operational Technology (OT) versus Information Technology (IT). In this interview, Fred delivers another critical collection of cyber security and cyber terrorism information — as it pertains the building management systems’ world. The threat is real and increasing, and the human variable in the equation is the most important. If you don’t have a policy or internal guidance yet, click here.

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ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast and Podcast for week ending May 1, 2016 highlights two of the most important and career-rejuvenating industry event dates that are coming fast: Niagara Summit 2016, May 15th-17th in New Orleans and 2016 Realcomm/IBcon, June 21st-24th in San Jose, CA., as well as coverage of Women in HVACR scholarship opportunities; 2016 CGNA Synergy Conference interviews with Mike Sackett and Honeywell’s Larry Weber; 3D Printed Heat Exchangers; DOE recognition of corporate leadership; Project Haystack announces three new members; Contemporary Controls and Siemens showcase new products; and Belimo offers May 11th steam valve sizing and selection webinar.

Ken and Eric continue discussing the Smart Buildings Controls Renaissance, the “race to the small space” and how to solve the global light litter epidemic.

W_HVACWomen in HVACR: 2016 WHVACR Scholarships DEADLINE is JUNE 1ST. Current industry estimates project a need for 86,000 employees over the next five years. One of WHVACR goals is to help the industry fill this demand now and going forward with deserving and qualified candidates. In 2016 Women in HVACR is delighted to be able to increase our scholarship award amount to: Two $2000.00 scholarships. Qualifications: Scholarship A) – Technical College or Trade School. Open to females, high school seniors or older preparing to enter into the HVACR industry either through a technical college or trade school with a GPA of 2.0 or greater, and completed application and essay (minimum of 500 words).

mikeCGNA’s Mike Sackett: Together We Are Better. This is the first of several interviews from the 2016 CGNA Controls Conference. We caught up with Mike Sackett, the director of CGNA. Controls Group North America (CGNA) is an elite organization of the top distributors and manufacturers in the controls industry. The marketing, technology and networking opportunities provided through the group contribute to the undeniable pursuit of excellence for every member. Mike offers some valuable insights into what makes CGNA so special.

Breaking News Key Shows Newsflash Broadcast Online3D Printing Enables New Generation of Heat Exchangers — Modern Process Improves Performance, Reduces Waste. WASHINGTON — The University of Maryland, through a partnership with 3D Systems and the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Building Technologies Office, has used 3D printing to prototype a new heat exchanger. This next-generation heat exchanger weighs 20 percent less, is 20 percent more efficient, and can be manufactured much quicker, compared to current designs.

US_DOEEnergy Department Recognizes Organizations for Leadership in Rooftop Unit Efficiency. As part of the Administration’s strategy to increase energy productivity and cut energy waste in our nation’s buildings, today the U.S. Department of Energy recognized six organizations for their leadership in replacing and upgrading rooftop units as part of the Better Buildings Alliance Rooftop Unit Campaign (ARC). Combined, these organizations in a single year have saved an estimated 1 trillion British thermal units (Btu) or more than $11 million on utility costs with efficient rooftop unit (RTU) replacements, retrofits, and quality management and operations.

CCBAS1Contemporary Controls Enhanced JACE Performance and a Truly Open Controller Showcased at Niagara Summit. We’re looking forward to Tridium’s Niagara Summit, May 15-17 in New Orleans. The Summit provides us with the opportunity to demonstrate how our BASautomation products can enhance Niagara performance by off-loading MS/TP traffic handling from JACE controllers, by providing pre-defined Modbus device profiles to speed up commissioning, and by providing seamless connectivity to Sedona BACnet/IP field controllers using Workbench or our Sedona Application Editor for programming.

Project HaystackProject Haystack Adds New Members Demonstrating Continued Acceptance of the Organization’s Standards. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA (PRWEB) APRIL 28, 2016: Project Haystack Adds New Members Demonstrating Continued Acceptance of the Organization’s Standards for Semantic Modeling and Tagging of Device and Equipment Data. The Project Haystack Organization, a collaborative community addressing the challenge of utilizing semantic modeling and tagging to streamline the interchange of data among different systems, devices, equipment and software applications in order to lower the cost of intelligent building and IoT solutions, today announced three new Associate Member companies – Arup, Connexx Energy and Intellastar Technology.

EventJoin Belimo’s 30 minute Steam Valve Sizing & Selection webinar and learn about steam applications including coil/heat exchangers and the proper technique on how to size a steam valve. In addition, we will demonstrate how easy it is to ensure the correct steam control valve is selected by using the Belimo SelectPro tool. Join Us on Wednesday, May 11 at 1:00 EDT. Click here to register.

RDY2000BNSiemens’ New RDY2000BN with BACnet. Siemens Building Technologies has taken the already impressive RDY2000 commercial thermostat and added BACnet capability. This new thermostat is ideal for schools, medical offices, retail space, and restaurants and can now communicate with any BACnet system in the building. You can bring more buildings and zones under control, reduce energy costs and maximize comfort with this easy to install thermostat loaded with built-in features.

LarryHoneywell’s Larry Weber on Light Commercial Smart Controls — Sustain and Maintain Small to Medium Size Buildings. At the 2016 CGNA Synergy Conference, ControlTrends caught up with Honeywell’s Larry Weber, General Manager Building Control Systems (BCS) Honeywell Environmental Control and Combustion. It is quite apparent that Larry and Honeywell have their hands directly on the pulse of the Smart Buildings controls renaissance. Hear how Honeywell has redoubled its efforts in the “race to the small space,” and learn about the new Light Commercial Smart Controls that Honeywell will be introducing later this year — that will reinvent how people will use data and provide service and maintain small to medium size buildings.

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