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How Haystack Tagging will Change Smart Building Controls Forever

Episode 312 ControlTalk Now the HVAC and Smart Buildings Podcast gives you the HVAC and Smart Building Control News of the Week for the week ending April 21, 2019.

Our guests this week are two of the smartest people in Smart Building Controls, Lynxspring's Marc Petock, and Sky Foundry's John Petze. Marc and John are two of the driving forces behind one of the most exciting developments in HVAC and Smart Building Controls, Project Haystack.

Project Haystack at its core is a tagging convention that allows data to be extracted and used in the most cost-effective way possible. THis is huge!!!

In this episode of ControlTalk Now The HVAC and Smart Buildings Podcast, John and Marc do a deep dive into Project Haystack

Here is what to listen for:

  • What Haystack Tagging is and why it is such a game changer
  • How Haystack tags work
  • How Project Haystack can help you differentiate your HVAC and Smart buildings control business
  • How to get started with Haystack tags right now
  • How you can get involved in the Haystack Community 

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Where in The World is Ken Smyers?

With your co host and mine, the man, the myth, the legend, the one and only Kenny Smyers away on a special assignment, I am left to my own devices and will do the best I can to give you HVAC and Smart Building Control News You can use.On Episode 311 of Controltalk Now The HVAC and Smart Buildings Control Video Cast and Podcast we take a deep look at what Siemens is doing with their Smart Building Controls Product Portfolio. In addition to tweaking their already formidable Talon line of DDC controls, Siemens is rounding out their Smart Building Controls offering with lighting controls, analytics, and other key acquisitions that will allow their customer's seamless synergies and better building experience. To help us understand all these changes we talk with Siemens Sr. Sales Manager, Josh Felperin. Josh is a friend of the show and a great guest. I think you are going to be impressed with what he has to say. Our next guest is Bill Spohn. Bill is the President and CEO of TRuTech Tools and the host of the Building HVAC Science and RESTalk Podcasts. As you will hear, Bill is a fascinating guest and offers great wisdom on HVAC. Measurement practices. Bill is a skilled podcaster and shares some of his best practices. The Building Science HVAC Podcast is worth checking out, so please do so.

in case you miss this...

Belimo Introduces a New Sensor that you need to know about

We all know that when Belimo gets involved in a technology they are only interested in creating and being the best in that domain. Think about how they changed the game with direct coupled actuators and the Belimo energy valve. If you have been following ControlTrends, you know that Belimo entered the smart sensor game a couple of years ago. Belimo’s intention is clear, they want to change the HCAC and Smart Building  sensor game. So it is no surprise that they are taking  CO2 sensors to a new standard..

What is dual channel technology and why should you care..

Accuracy and Repeatability! This saves time and money!

The dual channel technology measures two-wave lengths split from a single light source. The sensor automatically takes a reading using the reference channel. Any change in the measurement indicates a change in the optics of the sensor.

The sensors automatically adjusts the CO2 measurement when a change is detected to prevent drift. 

Manual calibration is not needed.

 High accuracy is maintained even in busy applications such as retail stores or hospitals.

Add a temperature sensor and you have the perfect product for..

 applications requiring 24/7 hours of operation such as hospitals, retail stores, manufacturing, and indoor farming.

Also think about…

Greenhouses, indoor farming, and hydroponic growers have expressed their need to monitor CO2and temperature levels accurately. CO2 levels are essential for maximizing plant growth. Our high accuracy CO2/temperature sensors provide the opportunity for grow farmers to really boost their profit while increasing plant yields and reducing cropping time

to find out more, reach out to your local Belimo distributor, if you are in Georgia or Florida, that would be Stromquist & Company, or you can go the Belimo website.

Haystack Connect 2019 – Detailed Technical Program Now Available!


The second round call for speakers for Haystack Connect has closed and we are excited to announce the presenters and topics. Haystack is known for the quality of its technical program and this year will raise the bar even further. Quite simply, this is the place where the industry leaders in the use of device and equipment data gather to network and share in an open and collegial environment. Here is a quick overview of program highlights:
 KEYNOTEJim Fletcher, Strategy Partner, Momenta PartnersWell You Didn’t Know What You Didn’t Know: Bringing Organization to the Data Chaos, to Derive Insight and Generate Actions – the capabilities and disruptions that a data-driven future will create. HAYSTACK PITCHFESTNew for 2019 and sure to be exciting, Haystack Pitchfest will showcase new products and services using Haystack—think”Shark Tank” for data. 11 companies will pitch both commercial products and open-source initiatives in a rapid fire session.  TRACK 1Hear how Haystack is being deployed in real-world applications by practitioners from around the world. Topics include: Integrating with CMMS, applying Haystack in data centers, industrial facilities, smart cities and how Haystack enables the application of Artificial Intelligence. Plus, join us on the journey towards high performance data-driven buildings with sessions on fault detection and diagnostics, and optimized controls with speakers from industry and government research labs including NREL and LBNL. TRACK 2There has been tremendous amount of work over the past two years to enhance and extend Haystack tagging. A core focus of the Technical Track will be a detailed review of Haystack 4—the result of almost two years of work by Working Group 551 which includes a suite of new features to take modeling your data to the next level. Get an update on the latest version ofnHaystack for Niagara systems, see how Current, powered by GE is applying Haystack 4 to lighting systems and participate in other working groups. NEW TO HAYSTACK?You don’t need to be a Haystack expert to attend and benefit from the conference—IN FACT Haystack Connect 2019 is the place to start your journey in learning how to apply semantics to device and equipment data. The program includes a special session on day 1 to get new users up to speed quickly. All of this, plus the expo hall, networking, and the IBB will be back! There’s so much to learn, see and do at HaystackConnect and these are only a few of the highlights. for even more.

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ControlTalk Now The Smart Buildings Podcast: What Makes Distech Controls So Special? On Episode 310 of ControlTalk Now we dive deep into Distech Controls and what makes Distech so good, we talk to someone who knows, Martin Villeneuve, the president of Distech Controls. In an engaging and candid conversation, Martin reveals 3 things that he and the team at Distech Controls focus on that might be different than you would expect.
Distech Controls is making an impact in the Smart Building Controls world. They are one of the Smart Building controls vendors that have added IP controllers to their portfolio of havoc and smart building controllers. They all so have linked BAS and lighting controls including shade control for windows. 
Do you use Distech Controls?
If so reach out in comments and let us know your thoughts about Distech Controls, Martin, and anything else we talked about on this weeks HVAC and Smart Buildings show.
Be sure to check out next weeks ControlTalk Now, HVAC and Smart Buildings Podcast when our guests will be Lynxsprings Marc Petock and Sky Foundry, John Petze.
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