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Johnson-ControlsControlTalk Now: The Smart Building Podcast September 28, 2014 is sponsored by Johnson Controls, nominated for 16 ControlTrends Awards, and world class manufacturer of one of the best end-to-end DDC solutions in the HVAC Industry — that keeps getting better! Check out the Johnson Controls FX Appliance that sits on top of the Niagara Framework and enables automatic graphic creation, new station (batch import) wizards, simple integration of N2 and BACnet points, support for mobile devices and mobile device graphics, schedule/link/point group/point summary managers, and launching PCT from the FX Workbench interface.

SMG2Honeywell’s Automated Demand Response Platform Lowers Peak Demands and Saves Money: September 22, 2014: Honeywell’s Smart Grid Investment Grant (SGIG) project demonstrates utility-scale performance of a hardware/software platform for automated demand response (ADR). This project stands apart from the other SGIG projects in that it focused both on the development of an ADR hardware/software platform to facilitate demand response and on recruiting and educating ADR customers to participate in energy saving programs sponsored by utilities.

coretech923_2014CoRE Tech 2014 @ Sprint Campus & OPCC, Overland Park, KS — November 10-11: CoRE Tech 2014 is a unique gathering of the world’s most proactive, visionary corporate real estate executives who’ve elected to come together to focus on innovative automation and technology strategies. Day 1 of the 2-day event will be held on the Sprint Corporate HQ Campus. Day 2 will be held at the nearby Overland Park Convention Center.

PLUGIT1Plug-IT — Real Savings & Control from Energy Systems Technologies! NS 2014 New Product Award Winner. Plug-IT delivers a remarkable solution to maximize your energy savings and is an award-winning product that leverages existing Niagara installations! Easily meets the latest ASHRAE 90.1 standards for controlling 50% of wall receptacle plug loads.

DeltaDelta Controls — 18 Nominations for the 2014 ControlTrends Awards: The Delta Force is Heard! Delta Controls’ huge HVAC presence speaks volumes! With nominations in 18 categories from the world-wide ControlTrends community, Delta products and people are a force to be reckoned with at the 2014 ControlTrends Awards. This video introduces the Delta visionaries Brian Goodwell, President, Raymond Rae, VP, and Eric Shimmin, Director of Operations, ESC and tells about the world’s first truly BACnet HVAC, card access, and lighting solution. Welcome to the incredible Delta story.

cyber-pro-200Seven Things Every Director Should Know About IT Security: Lynxspring’s Connect & Protect: Author: Bob Mealey, Chief Business Development Officer, Lynxspring, Inc. Given the fallout from recent high profile cyber security incidents, which have resulted in losses of billions of dollars, countless numbers of lawsuits, brand erosion and loyalty, the loss of customer trust, the resignation of key executives and even the call for the ouster of most of the company’s board members, it should come as no surprise that cyber security is now top of mind for most corporate executives. Cyber security is now the number one concern in the corporate boardroom.

ED Kane2014 ControlTrends Awards Nominee — Vykon’s Ed Merwin, at IBCON 2014: This ControlTrends interview with Ed Merwin, Director, Vykon Automation Energy Security, keeps the IBCON 2014 feature reel running. Ed Merwin, nominated for Executive of the Year and the PID Award, is one of the most recognized experts in the Building Automation and Integration industry, having introduced the Niagara Platform and the concept of system integration to many of North America’s earliest integration adopters. Ed was co-winner of the prestigious 2013 ControlTrends’ PID Award.

BuildIQDown Under Case Study: BuildingIQ — at the Australian Technology Park: At BuildingIQ we always like a good challenge. That’s why we did not hesitate when the opportunity arose to deploy our Predictive Energy Optimization™ solution at one of ATP’s buildings. The implementation was done in the building occupied by NICTA (National Information and Technology Communications Center of Australia), which is highly energy efficient and has an impressive NABERS score of 5.5. Learn more about this implementation by reading the complete Case Study.

Johnson-ControlsJohnson Controls Sees Smart Buildings as the Future for Smart Cities in India: JCI Media Center: Building Technology & Services expert shares insights on smart buildings at the 12th India Green Building Congress. INDIA – September 05, 2014 – Johnson Controls, a global multi-industrial company, will present the importance of smart buildings in helping India achieve its goal of creating smart cities – cities that are highly advanced in terms of overall infrastructure, sustainable real estate, integrated communications and technology, energy management and governance – at the 12th India Green Building Congress 2014 (IGBC).

AD&AAutomated Diagnostics & Analytics for Buildings by Barney L. Capehart and Michael R. Brambley: Authors Barney L. Capehart, PhD, CEM Professor Emeritus University of Florida and Michael R. Brambley, Staff Scientist in Energy Technology Development at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) have produced an HVAC Opus Magnus that will serve the entire spectrum of building and automation experts well — now, and for many years to come. Whether you’re a systems integrator, BAS or BMS Consultant, manufacturer or vendor, engineer, Director of Facilities or maintenance manager, this smart building tome (textbook) provides not only vital insight, methodologies, and options, but the compelling documentation that warrants immediate action.

ASIS_CAN_3Tonight is Canada Night at the ASIS 2014, Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center:A s a precursor to the show, iViewSYSTEMS invites you to drop by the ASIS CANADA NIGHT on Sunday, September 28th to kick off the show, or visit us at booth #2023 to see how we can help you better protect your people, business and assets with embedded technologies security management solutions for: Incident Reporting & Risk management, Visitor management, Identification Solutions and Compliance & Reporting. Join ASIS in Atlanta, Georgia, September 29–October 2, 2014 for our ASIS International 60th Annual Seminar and Exhibits– the world’s most influential security event

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ControlTalk NOW thanks Roger Rebennack for that the enthusiastic introduction. This week in review was punctuated by the Target security event that brought HVAC’s critical role in CyberSecurity to the forefront. Rick Warner’s interview at the show’s end is an absolute must watch item and the Department of Energy’s 21 CyberSecurity measures are available here. ControlTrends thanks its special guests in order of appearance: Alper Uzmezler, BASSG, Therese Sullivan,, and Rick Warner, OEM Engineering.

Eric wants you to know there are three mistakes (editing errors made over the course of 3 hours with Evelyn Grace sitting on his lap) and the first two people that email with two of three mistakes will win a Teralux Flashlight.

ControlTalk Now For The Week Ending Feb.9,2104 from Eric Stromquist on Vimeo.

DataEyeControlco’s Brian Turner Breaks Down DataEye Pro and How to Visualize Your Building Data Like a Pro. ControlTrends Introduction: The overwhelming need to quickly and efficiently leverage more of the still dormant information in many of the existing host building automations systems continues to drive the search for solutions. Controlco offers the thousands of Niagara AX™ users a synergistic opportunity that uniquely combines the POWER of their DataEye Pro data model with the STRENGTH of the Niagara AX™ data normalization tools. This is the first of Brian Turner’s Fault Line Posts on ControlTrends.

ControlTrends welcomes its first guest, Alper Uzmezler from BASSG. Alper shares BASSG’s wealth of talent and professional expertise featuring the Niagara Framework, SkySpark, The Project Builder Plus Tool, and BASSG’s Web Tool Mash Up Solutions.

SGIP CALL FOR PARTICIPAN​TS–Smart Grid Interopera​bility Panel (SGIP) Priority Action Plan (PAP) 21: Harmonized Weather Informatio​n Model”>CALL FOR PARTICIPAN​TS–Smart Grid Interopera​bility Panel (SGIP) Priority Action Plan (PAP) 21: Harmonized Weather Informatio​n Mode. HOW HARMONIZED WEATHER DATA CAN BENEFIT THE ENERGY INDUSTRY! How Two-Way Exchange of Weather Data Can Bring Efficiencies and Cost Savings to Utility Operations. CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS–KICKOFF INFORMATIONAL VIRTUAL MEETING: Thursday, February 13, 2014, 1:00-2:30 pm ET. Hosted by: Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP) Priority Action Plan (PAP) 21: Harmonized Weather Information Model.

connexenergyPanoramic Power and Connexx Energy to Deliver Enterprise Energy Management Solutions for the REIT Industry. LEE’S SUMMIT, Mo., Feb. 4 , 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Panoramic Power, the leading provider of device level energy management solutions, and Connexx Energy a premier developer and provider of ‘last mile’ solutions for Smart Buildings and the Smart Grid, today announced a partnership to deliver a complete, fully integrated energy and operational efficiency solution for REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) buildings.

ControlTrends welcomes its second guest, Therese Sullivan, Therese shares her amazing industry experiences and provides some extraordinary “valley” insight to the HVAC industry. The systems integrators are in the catbirds seats with next-gen opportunities and may not know it.

led-lf-logo_webThe Basics of LED Lighting and Why LED Lighting is the Future: Unlike incandescent and fluorescent lamps, LEDs are not inherently white light sources. Instead, LEDs emit nearly monochromatic light, making them highly efficient for colored light applications such as traffic lights and exit signs. However, to be used as a general light source, white light is needed. White light can be achieved with LEDs in three ways:
• Phosphor conversion, in which a phosphor is used on or near the LED to convert the colored light to white light; • RGB systems, in which light from multiple monochromatic LEDs (red, green, and blue) is mixed, resulting in white light; and • A hybrid method, which uses both phosphor-converted and monochromatic LEDs.

ico-stromquistDrones Used In The HVAC Controls Industry: Well it could happen sooner than you think. Stromquist & Company’s, Seãn Johnson, shows us how he sees HVAC Controls distributors using Drones to improve customer service. Is Seãn on the right track? Let us know what you think in comments.

DOEShining the Light on Solar Energy: History of the SunShot Initative — Concentrating Solar Power: n 2011 the Department of Energy began one of its most ambitious and successful initiatives to achieve significant progress in sustainable energy by reducing the cost of installed solar energy through a shared commercialization of solar technologies. Solar power in the U.S. passed the 10 GW capacity milestone in 2013.

automatedbuildingsThe Connection Community Collaboration: Over the last several years organizations and groups have been extremely successful in connecting our industry with standards. The name “Connection Communities” has been attached to the purpose and function these organizations provide. Great job by Ken Sinclair of automated for moderating this timely and useful breakout session.

skullLeading Security Expert Explains: Target Hackers Broke in Via HVAC Company: Perhaps the most important and menacing challenge facing the HVAC Industry (at least for the immediate future) will be demonstrating its collective knowledge and understanding of CyberSecurity and how to actively cope with (and how to counter) the rising numbers of CyberThreats directed at buildings and HVAC service companies that service those buildings, particularly in light of the recent $420 million losses and expense Target faces as a result of hackers gaining access to Target’s network using stolen network credentials from the HVAC contractor.

OME_logoControlTalk NOW welcomes its third guest, Rick Warner, OME Engineering, out of Baltimore, MD. The klaxon sounded many years ago, but this Target event will more than likely serve as HVAC’s watershed event. In a most opportune time, Rick’s interview brings forth the issues one at a time, and with unabashed sincerity, proposes general, can’t go wrong courses of action, for the benefit of everybody in the HVAC industry.

ControlTalk NOW will continue to provide a weekly episode featuring the people, products, and the News of the Week shaping our world of controls, building automation, and the HVAC industry.

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This week’s ControlTrends NOW reviews each category and each nominee, beginning with the 2013 Executive of the Year. These manufacturers, people, products, and solutions represent 2013’s best of the best:

2013 HVAC Controls Executive of the Year
Chris Eichmann, Johnson Controls
Lars van der Haegen, Belimo
Tom Rosback, Honeywell
Terry Swope, Lynxspring
Mike Marston, EasyIO
Jason Briggs, J2
Eugene Mazo, DG Logik

ControlTalk Now: week Ending Jan. 5, 2014 from Eric Stromquist on Vimeo.

2013 Best Commercial HVAC Vendor of the Year
Johnson Controls
Schneider Electric TAC

The 2013 Building Automation Systems of the Year
Easy IO
Johnson Controls FX
Honeywell WEBs

2013 Best Peripheral Product of the Year from a Small Manufacturer
Veris Industries
Functional Devices
Connect-Air Wire & Cable
Contemporary Controls

2013 Most Valuable Support Person of the Year
SK Foo, EasyIO
Joe Carcare, Belimo
Chris Lane, Johnson Controls
James Johnson, Vykon
Barry Gordon, ACI
Arthur Lebedinsky, DG Logik
Roger Rebennack, Honeywell


2013 Best Technical Support (Vendor) of the Year
Easy IO
Johnson Controls

2013 Best Variable Frequency Drive of the Year
Honeywell Smart VFD
Johnson Controls
Yaskawa Z1000
Teco Westinghouse
TAC Schneider Electric Square D

2013 Thermostat of the Year
Honeywell Prestige (RedLINK)
Viconics VT8000 Series
EnTouch EMS Stat
Ecobee Smart Thermostat
KMC FlexStat
Maverick IP-MT-201

2013 Best Building Application of the Year
Johnson Controls Panoptix
Climatec Axcess
Controlco DataEye PRO
Lynxspring CyberPro
J2 nHaystack
DG Logik DGLux

2013 Commercial Product of the Year
Belimo Energy Valve
AIC Wireless Eagle BULIT
DG Logik DGBox
KMC AppStat
Johnson Controls System 450
Viconics VT 8000 Series
Siemens Pressure Independent Control Valve (PICV)


2013 Building Automation Graphic Tool of the Year
DGLux by DGLogik
Niagara AX
Johnson Controls ASSET Tool
BAS Services & Graphics (BASSG)
J2 Innovations FIN Builder
Sedona CPT Tool
Activelogix Periscope

2013 Building Automation Controller of the Year
Honeywell Spyder
EasyIO FG-32 Beast from the East
Johnson Controls FX-PCG
Vykon JEC-234 JACE Equipment Controller
KMC BAC 7001
Alerton VLCA- 1688
Distech ECC-VAV

2013 Marketing Tools and Support
Johnson Controls

2013 ControlTrends Person of the Year (PID)
Mike Marston, EasyIO
Gary Weber, Belimo
Sarah Monteleone, Connect-Air Wire & Cable
Ed Merwin, Vykon
Dave Bohlmann, KMC Controls
Laura Kevitt, Honeywell
Doug Gettig, Viconics

ControlTalk NOW will continue to provide a weekly episode featuring the people, products, and the News of the Week shaping our world of controls, building automation, and the HVAC industry.

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Tony Kelly is a controls contractor and trainer in New York City. Tony has created a a training series on DDC controls designed to allow the hvac technician in the field a way to learn about and become proficient on DDC controls.Eric and Kelly talk about DDC controls, open systems, and how to become a

better controls tech. Look for Kelly’s excellent training videos and blog on Controltrends. To find out more about Kelly and his training courses please visit his website.

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Eric interviews the innovative Brian Turner from Control Co. Eric and Brian discuss everything from “open systems” and how a building owner can make sure they get a great integration job to the beautiful graphical interface that Control Co developed called prophetsuite. Check out this interview for the latest trends in building automation controls.

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Eric interviews the very interesting Pete Baselici from Watt Stopper, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of lighting controls. Topics include: Watt Stopper’s newest products,  “ladderless” commissioning, changes in the ASHRAE 90.1 lighting standard,the difference between ultrasonic and passive  infrared occupancy sensors, an inexpensive way to eliminate “phantom energy losses” and the new “forced on” lighting control strategy. So if you are looking for ways to save energy in your buildings or for products that can reduce your job installation time, this interview is a must listen.

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Scott CochraneEric interviews Scott Cochrane president of Cochrane Supply & Engineering, Madison Heights, Michigan. Scott is a leader and innovator in the HVAC controls industry. Because of Scott, Cochrane Supply was one of the first HVAC controls companies to distribute Tridium software. Eric and Scott discuss open systems, building automation, and controls integration.

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Roger ericEric continues his conversation with Roger Rebennack. In the second part of this two part interview, Roger speaks in more detail about Honeywell’s WEBS AX security offering, what it takes for a HVAC contractor to be successful as a systems integrator, and why a building owner should look to Honeywell’s product offering for all their building automation needs.

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Video thumbnail. Click to play

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RogerIn part one of his two part interview, Eric talks to the dynamic Roger Rebennack. Roger is a leader in Honeywell’s national WEBS AX  security group. With over thirty years in the business, Roger is well qualified to speak about the  rapid changes in access and security, including how to integrate these through open system platforms into building automation control systems.

With the introduction of the Honeywell WEBS-AX security system, the controls business will never be the same. Roger educates both building owners and HVAC contractors on how to take advantage of these unique opportunities.

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Jim HaymanJim Hayman joined CGNA in March of 2004 as the Director of Business Development and has helped CGNA grow from 27 to 37 Members and over 50 Preferred Vendors. He came to CGNA from an advertising agency where he worked with the creative team to develop marketing strategies for new accounts with technology companies.

Jim has degrees from Cal-State Fullerton and the University of Nebraska in English. He has written for industry publications and speaks at industry events. Jim and his wife Cheryl reside in Iowa – they have three grown sons, two in college and one married son in the Army.

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Blank Image

For more information about Jim, please visit the CGNA website.

To listen to an enhanced version of this interview including photos click this link: Jim Hayman interview on bliptv

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Eric interviews Mike Keller. Mike is Honeywell’s Commercial Sales Director for the Americas.  Eric and Mike discuss new products from Honeywell, including the new BacNet Spyder Controls. Topics included in their lively discussion are: control trends, open systems, and the future of integration.

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Video thumbnail. Click to play

Blank Image
About Mike Keller, Honeywell Americas Commercial Sales Director
Mike Keller is the Americas Commercial Sales Director and oversees all Honeywell commercial sales for the U.S., Canada and Latin America. Since Mike’s start at Honeywell in 1983, he has held various positions within the company, including a Systems Sales Engineer, Systems Sales Manager, Branch Sales Manager, Building Control Specialist, and both a Regional and National Sales Manager. Within this time Mike has led the pack in several large sales for Automotive Assembly plants, and has also served as the ASHRAE Chapter President and Board Member. Prior to his career at Honeywell, Mike worked as a Quality Control Engineer for United Technologies. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Technology from Eastern Illinois University.

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