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ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast and Podcast for week ending December 20, 2015 begins with OME’s Rick Werner and EasyIO’s Mike Marston discussing the hazards of the proverbial low bid, followed by interviews with Blue Ridge Technologies’ CEO Bill Dunkelberger, Dwyer Instruments’ Global Business Development Manager, Eric Fritch, and another 7 Minutes in Control with Rob Allen and Scott Muench from J2 Innovations — who is offering an exciting customer appreciation FIN 3.0 sale. More Contemporary Controls BACnet videos and expertise; 2015 ControlTrends Awards reminders; and the first peek at the 2016 calendar.

RickWWhy Accepting The Low Bid Price on a Job is sooooo Expensive. In this episode of Control Pub Talk, with “Mad” Mike Marston from Easy IO, the consequences of giving a project to the low bidder is discussed. Mike reaches out to Rick Warner, aka “The Innovator”, sans the usual Pub, to look at the true costs involved in the bidding process that is used on most new construction projects. “Penny wise and pound foolish” comes to mind as I listen to Rick explain the difference between up front price and true cost of ownership. To see more from the Innovator click here. Get more Control pub Talk with Mike Marston here.

FIN3.0J2 Innovations — Dive Into FIN Now — for 10% Less! Appreciation Sale. Don’t miss this great from J2 Innovations! FIN 3.0 is a next generation software suite including an entirely new application server called FIN Stack, combined with the custom graphic tool FIN Builder, and the FIN Mobile app. You can now build your entire customer’s solution using a unified toolset optimized for efficient workflow. The technology leverages powerful tagging and data modeling which means you can use queries to access data and eliminate time consuming linking. FIN was designed to encourage community collaboration and seamlessly supports add-on applications such as automated analytics.

ScottRobWhat Can Fin 3.0 Do For You? Rob Allen Finds Out. In this episode of Rob Allen’s 7 minutes in Control, Rob finds out from Scott Muench, J2 Innovations’ Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, what is new at J2 Innovations including Fin 3.0 and how J2 Innovations uses Haystack tagging to make a system integrators life easier and reduces labor cost. If you like what you see reach out to your local J2 Innovations provider and take advantage of J2’s 10% off holiday special. FIN technology leverages powerful tagging and data modeling which means you can use queries to access data and eliminate time consuming linking.

Bacnet1Learn BACnet Now – Watch the BACnet Video Training Series. Thanks to George Thomas and the team at Contemporary Controls for putting together this eight part video series ” Understanding BACnet”. Contemporary Controls designs and manufactures the system building blocks for networking, integrating and controlling automation processes where performance and reliability are important. Their products are built upon open technologies such as ARCNET®, BACnet®, Controller Area Network, Ethernet, Modbus®, Niagara Framework®, and Sedona Framework™.

Bill D ControlTalk NOW welcomes our first guest Blue Ridge Technologies’ CEO Bill Dunkleberger and his team of industry all stars. 2015 ControlTrends Awards Finalist Blue Ridge Technologies, nominated for six ControlTrends Awards including: Energy Saving Solution of The Year; Lighting Integration Solution of The Year; Best Technical Support Small Manufacturer: Nick Bare; Best Technical Support Person — Small Manufacturer; The PID Award: Bill Dunkleberger; and Executive of The Year Small Manufacturer: Bill Dunkleberger.

BlueRidgeMore from 2015 ControlTrends Awards Finalist Blue Ridge Technologies. Unified Lighting Control completes the BAS, incorporating lighting and HVAC controls on the same network. This network consolidation eliminates surplus hardware required for stand-alone and gateway lighting control. As a result, installation and maintenance costs decrease while simple and complete building control increases energy savings. This approach provides more savings for less cost. When a complete Building Automation System (BAS) is required, Unified Lighting Control is the superior lighting control solution.

HardRock12015 ControlTrends Awards to be Held — January 24 at the Hard Rock Live! ControlTrends is excited to announce that the 2015 ControlTrends Awards will be held January 24, 2016, from 6:30PM to 9:30PM, at Orlando’s Hard Rock Live, located at the door step to the amazing Universal Studios. Hard Rock Live is home to music history and a most befitting venue to celebrate the heroes and superstars of our HVAC and the Building Automation industries. ControlTrends graciously thanks our sponsors for allowing us to make this special industry event possible.

Breaking News Key Shows Newsflash Broadcast OnlineControlTrends Keeps an Eye on 2016 Events with Ken’s Calendar. Help ControlTrends Keep an eye on 2016 Events with Ken’s Calendar! January 25-27, 2016 AHR Expo, Orlando Convention Center: The AHR Expo brings the entire HVACR industry together under one roof to see the latest products and technology, learn about the innovations and trends that are shaping the future, and do business face to face. Returning to Orlando for the first time in six years, the Show is anticipating more than 50,000 professionals in attendance, nearly 2,000 exhibiting companies, and a wide variety of educational sessions.

Dwyer_EFitchControlTalk NOW’s second guest: Dwyer Instruments’ Eric Fritch, Global Business Development Manager. Dwyer Instruments is nominated for the 2015 ControlTrends Awards Peripheral Vendor of the Year. Since 1931, Dwyer Instruments has been recognized for manufacturing excellence, and has introduced over 75 new products since 2005. Global in scope, Dwyer is a key manufacturer of sensors and instrumentation components used in HVAC and Building Automation applications the world over. Visit for more product information, videos, and tutorials — and be absolutely certain to visit Dwyer’s booth (1617), at the up-coming 2016 AHR Expo in Orlando, FL.

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