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My guest this week is Intelligent Buildings, Kyle Peters. Kyle, who came from outside the Smart Buildings Controls industry shares how and why he switched to the Smart Building Controls Industry. He gives a step-by-step method that allowed him to progress at a rapid pace, and what he did to go from being a systems integrator to becoming one of the most respected cyber security experts in the field of smart building controls.

On this week's episode of ControlTalk Now The HVAC and Smart Building Controls Show I introduce Elwin Mckay Smith and Brian Collins from Op Systems Solutions. OPSys is based in New Zealand but ships its products all over the globe. I think you will enjoy what they have to say. In addition to my interview, I give you the Control News you need for the week ending Feb.19, 2023

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After steeping away for two years Eric Stromquist. from ControlTrends is back with the next episode of ControlTalk Now The Smart Buildings Podcast.

Eric's first guest is Automated Buildings Controls Founder Ken Sinclair, who joins Eric to discuss the educational breakout sessions at this year’s AHR Show. Tune in to find out what Eric and Ken have to say about the future of smart building technology!

Eric shares some of the new and exciting things viewers can expect on the new Controltrends website.

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