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Products that perform their job so well that you just do not have to think about them are products that on today’s market seem few and far in between. Maxitrol gas regulators are among this line of products that we as suppliers and contractors have come to depend on.

Founded in 1946 Maxitrol’s headquarters are located in Southfield, Michigan.

The Maxitrol 325 series gas regulators are world renown for their use in the domestic natural gas market. The 325 series allows for inlet pressures up to 10 psig with certified 325 series for 2 and 5 psi systems and vent limiters to reduce the costs of installation by removing the need for a separate gas vent line to be installed by the contractor. New 325-7AL series regulator announced in July of 2010 takes the 325 series to new limits of capacities of over 1,000,000 BTUs. The larger RV series and 210 series are used by OEM boiler and burner manufactures worldwide.

Maxitrol’s  Selectra series of gas valves, amplifiers, and Selectrastat thermostats  with options of different temperature sensors allow the service and repair companies to add electronic modulation to Make Up Air applications and Space Heating applications for environmental climate control, as well as industrial or commercial heating processes.

Maxitrol’s PLUG1, is one of the most innovative devices for the homeowner. PLUG1 allows the homeowner to turn off the gas to an appliance, unplug the gas line, move the appliance for cleaning or any other reason, return the appliance, plug the gas line back in, turn the switch back on, and the appliance is ready for use again.

Plug 1 video (double click black box)

Smart solutions to everyday needs, keep Maxitrol, on top of your needs.

Stromquist and Company is proud to service your Maxitrol needs just give us a call at 1-800-241-9471.

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Tony Kelly is a controls contractor and trainer in New York City. Tony has created a a training series on DDC controls designed to allow the hvac technician in the field a way to learn about and become proficient on DDC controls.Eric and Kelly talk about DDC controls, open systems, and how to become a

better controls tech. Look for Kelly’s excellent training videos and blog on Controltrends. To find out more about Kelly and his training courses please visit his website.

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