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Join me in Episode 420 of ControlTalk Now The HVAC and Smart Buildings Control Videocast and Podcast where I have an engaging conversation with Etrit Demaj, the co-founder of Kode Labs, one of the leading providers of smart building control systems. In this episode, Etrit shares his inspiring journey from leaving his war-torn country to establishing a successful business in the United States. Together with his brother Eddie, they saw a gap in the market for deploying smart building control systems through the cloud - an idea many were skeptical about. Their determination and innovative mindset led them to form Kode Labs, a company that continues to redefine smart building controls. Discover how Kode Labs is future-proofing portfolios with their Smart Building Software. Get an inside look at their Open Platform approach and how their services are enhancing operations by making them smarter, simpler, and more cost-effective. From Building Analytics to Mobile Reporting & Control, learn about the unique features that set Kode Labs apart. Hear firsthand from Etrit how they are helping Building Consultants, Real Estate Operators, and System Integrators to operate more effectively. Don't miss out on this insightful conversation. Listen in and get inspired! Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe for more videos like this!

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Join us for an insightful conversation with Julie Petrone, Director of Marketing & Strategy at ABB Electrification, Americas, as we delve into the world of smart building controls. Julie takes us on her journey, from her early days as a copywriter and magazine publisher to her current role in driving marketing and strategy in the home and automation segment.

In this episode, we explore the evolving landscape of Smart Building Controls and discuss the innovative products offered by ABB, including their groundbreaking Efficiency AI SASS (Software as a Service) solution. Discover how this powerful software can seamlessly integrate with existing building automation control systems, empowering building owners with critical data to optimize energy usage, reduce operational costs through predictive maintenance, and achieve continuous commissioning. We also explore how the product simplifies ESG reporting, a key aspect of sustainable building practices.

Julie shares her insights on harnessing the power of AI to transform buildings into smarter and more efficient spaces. Furthermore, we're thrilled to welcome marketing expert Danielle Radden from Talking Walls Marketing, who joins us to discuss the impact of AI on marketing professionals in our industry. Get ready to gain valuable marketing insights and learn how to leverage the best marketing principles to enhance your company's traction.

Don't miss this episode sponsored by ABB, where we explore the intersection of technology, marketing, and sustainable building practices. Subscribe now and join us on this exciting journey toward a smarter, more efficient future.

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