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Are you looking for the latest insights on marketing in HVAC and Smart Building Controls? In this podcast episode, I welcome Brian Collins for a fascinating discussion on tenant override systems (7Nox) and how they save money.

We delve into the new marketing realities of the industry, covering topics such as customer input vs visionary design, marketers as professional consumers, the importance of product perception, how companies like Apple succeed through advertising, and more!

Tune in to learn about these important marketing strategies that will help propel your business forward.

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Episode 424 of ControlTalk Now is one you do not want to miss! My guest this week has spent his career in transformative technologies. He specializes in cloud-based data and technology services that address challenges in automation, logistics, supply chain management, commerce, mobility, staffing, retail, automotive, transportation, advertising, and city services for consumers, commercial enterprises, or governments. Transforming technologies such as Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, Low-Code/No-Code, and Blockchain... what is he bringing to the building automation controls industry? That is what you will find out on this episode of ControlTalk Now! 🏒 Dive into the rich history of Johnson Controls as Bill Schwebel, the VP/GM - Building Automation Systems | Controls Bill takes us on a journey from Warren Johnson's invention of the first thermostat in 1883 to the future of smart building technology. πŸ”— Key Highlights: Bill's passionate insights into the digital transformation journey from his early days in telecom. The challenges and opportunities of integrating digital technology into diverse building structures. Unpack Bill's perspective on why our homes are more intelligent than our buildings: The massive fragmentation challenge in the building industry compared to others, like automotive. A deep dive into the impact of Covid on building automation: The future shift in office space design and control. Why Johnson Controls stands out: As the sole giant in building technology, they integrate every system, from HVAC to security. The hurdles to digital transformation in buildings and Johnson Controls' proactive approach to educating the consulting engineering community. πŸ” Notable Quote: β€œA lot of that transition still needs to happen. Our homes are a lot smarter than our building.” - Bill Schwebel πŸ‘οΈβ€πŸ—¨οΈ Join our conversation and explore the innovations and challenges of the smart building controls industry. Don't forget to LIKE, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE for more insights!

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Join us for Episode 423 of Controltalk Now, where we dive into the world of smart buildings with our special guest, Osman Saleem. An expert in OT & IoT Cybersecurity, Smart Building Technology, and Smart Cities, Osman shares his insights on the cutting-edge intersection of building automation controls and cybersecurity.

In this exciting episode, we explore IoT and OT cybersecurity, delving into the current landscape and challenges in the industry. Osman sheds light on building automation controls best practices around cybersecurity, providing invaluable tips and guidance on how to make buildings and building automation control systems safer from cyberattacks.

Whether you're a building professional, tech enthusiast, or just curious about the future of smart buildings, this episode is packed with valuable information. Subscribe now, hit the like button, and don't forget to ring the bell to stay updated on future episodes.

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Are you struggling with the labor shortage in the smart building and controls industry? Get ready for a game-changing conversation with the team from Innovative Control Tech Solutions (ICT Solutions)!

In this eye-opening episode of "Controltalk Now," the brilliant minds behind ICT Solutions dive deep into the pressing challenges of building automation control. With years of experience and innovative thinking, they have crafted tailor-made solutions to combat the industry-wide labor shortage problem.

πŸ”‘ What to Expect:

  • Insight into the demanding world of smart building and controls.
  • Exclusive details about ICT Solutions' cutting-edge services and engineering expertise.
  • Practical solutions to the labor shortage that’s affecting the building automation industry.
  • A unique perspective on how to grow your business and enhance profitability in these challenging times.

🎧 Join Us as We Explore:

  • ICT Solutions' commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.
  • The role of innovation in overcoming labor-intensive tasks.
  • How Tridium N4 certified team members are making a difference in integration projects.
  • Their stance on using open protocols to safeguard customer investments.

Don't miss this enlightening conversation with industry leaders, sharing a vision for a more efficient and advanced future in building automation control. Subscribe to "Controltalk Now" and stay ahead of the curve with ICT Solutions!

πŸ‘‡ Get started with ICT Solutions and discover where your building automation control needs meet their expertise.

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