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Sensors that can sense when air is not safe is our topic on this weeks Episode of ControlTalk Now the HVAC and Smart Building Controls Podcast.

Conner Meloy and Barry Gordon from ACI introduce us to 4 new sensors that can make your building safer and help protect tenants   from COVID 19.

Digital Buildings' Mission: Support Google's urgent need to operate its very large, very heterogeneous portfolio in a scalable way. Brian Turner, CEO, Buildings IOT, and Ken Sinclair, Editor, Automated Buildings lead a brilliant discussion on what's next in the world of ontology, and the pressing need for a "semantically-expressive, easy-to-use configuration language -- complete with validation tools."

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Cyber Commissioning and Cyber Hygiene are explained by Intelligent Buildings' Dynamic Cyber Security Duo, Fred Gordy, and Michael Magee. Understand why Early Engagement, Trusted Partners, and Transparency are so CRITICAL!

This our second interview with Intelligent Buildings’ Fred Gordy and Michael Magee. For the first cybersecurity segment,  Click here. 

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