ControlTalk Now The HVAC and Smart Building Controls Podcast (2018 ControlTrends Awards)

Episode 298: ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings Videocast and PodCast for week ending Jan 6, 2019 delivers a most unique meeting of the minds, as industry veteran Ken Sinclair, owner/editor of Automated Buildings, is joined by SES Engineering’s Brad White, who discuss a myriad of industry topics from points of view — some forty years apart, but not really. Our 7th Annual ControlTrends Awards event is this Sunday in Atlanta; Jackson Control/Building Automated Security Solutions (BASS) to host Active Shooter Detection System webinar; Ken Sinclair/Automated Buildings is hosting NINE FREE education sessions at AHR Expo 2019 Atlanta; and don’t miss the January edition of Automated Buildings.

ControlTrends is excited to announce the 2018 ControlTrends Awards will take place next Sunday, January 13, 2019, from 6:30PM to 9:30PM, at Atlanta’s Historic Fox Theatre, located at 660 Peachtree Street, N.E. It’s going to be an exciting and entertaining evening with a sumptuous banquet dinner in an amazing venue that offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy our industry’s most heralded celebration of the year.

ControlTalk NOW interview with Ken Sinclair and Brad White walk us through a number of trending industry topics from points of view (forty years apart). Please note! Ken and Automated Buildings are hosting nine free education sessions at AHR Expo 2019 Atlanta. 9 Free Education Sessions @ AHRExpo 2019. Please be sure to download the app and put us on your show planner custom agenda so we know you are coming.

Building Automated Security Solutions (BASS): WEBINAR DEMO on Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System. Law enforcement and government security experts agree that early detection and enhanced situational awareness are two critical components of any emergency response plan. Gunshot detection is a key technology to automate shot detection and report lifesaving information to those in danger when seconds matter most. Wednesday, January 9, 2019, at 3:00pm Eastern. RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW! Contact Roger Rebennack for more information: 317-231-2200 – Direct, 317-694-1904 – mobile

Exploring Our Human Connection: 7th Annual Connection Community Collaboratory Tue. January 15 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM | B311. How do we best “Look” with rapidly evolving video analytics, “Listen” with natural language interaction and learning, using the personal assistants that are evolving as part of our edge-bots? Use our history of “Feeling” temperature, humidity, occupancies etc. and best combine this all with “Thinking” that will come from self-learning. Moderator Ken Sinclair, Automated Buildings, will be joined by a panel of veteran industry experts: Marc Petock, Trevor Palmer, Troy Davis, George Thomas, and John Petze at the Sixth Annual Connection Community Collaboratory.

In his Automated Buildings’ January editorial, editor/owner Ken Sinclair sounds the “Open 2019″ trumpets! Just how open is Ken Sinclair talking about?” Well, Ken pulls no punches. He wants big time open! Quote: “The ‘major proprietary dragons’ of our building automation industry are slow to warm to open, but are using open source to catch up. All want to use open, but none want to be open which would loosen their grip on their proprietary market share. But open is slowly happening because bigger dragons like Google & Amazon are breathing fire on their tails…or is that…tales…big smile.” Read more!

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Episode 287: ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings Videocast and PodCast for week ending October 14, 2018 features our how to get yourself “Edge-You-Cated” interview with Automated Buildings’s owner and editor, Ken Sinclair. Midway through the interview we are joined by one the top Master System Integrators in North America, Hepta Systems’ Chief Information Officer, Jason Houck. Make your 2018 ControlTrends Awards Nominations today! Read your October Cybersecurity Month updates; How do I size the correct damper actuator, from Belimo; and Honeywell’s LCBS-T offers Simple, Efficient, and Future-Ready HVAC Control.

Make Your Nominations Now — for the 2018 ControlTrends Awards! It is time to nominate your favorite people, products, solutions and companies, for the 2018 ControlTrends Awards. The top 5 to 6 in each category will move on to the ControlTrends Awards finals. If you don’t already see your nominee on the ballot, or don’t already see a nominee in a category, please use the other option, and write in your choice, we will then add them on to the ballot.

This week’s ControlTalk NOW interview begins with Ken Sinclair’s discussion of his October edition of and recent travels abroad to Italy. The October edition is nothing short of punderful. Ken’s deliberate play on words delivers yet another deep deliberation on humanized interactions, integrated and deployed with the hatching technologies. Midway through the interview, we are joined by one the top Master System Integrators in North America, Hepta Systems’ Chief Information Officer, Jason Houck, who shares his most recent experiences and insight. This is a must watch interview!

Cybersecurity Month Update: California Governor Signs Bills Aimed at Strengthening the Security of IoT Devices. In an effort to keep the ControlTrends Community in the loop during Cybersecurity Month, here is an interesting update on how IoT devices including microwaves, toys, thermostats, and security cameras are to be securitized. Of particular interest was the My Friend Cayla Smart Doll.

From the Belimo Support Center: How do I Size a Damper Actuator? How do I Size a Damper Actuator? The “10 questions” method for sizing and selection found in the attachment is recommended. It takes into consideration the total damper area, blade and seal construction, and air velocity as well as various actuator requirements such as supply voltage and control signal. For a more in-depth explanation of damper actuator sizing and performance you can download our Damper Application Guide.

Honeywell’s LCBS-T — Simple, Efficient, Future-Ready HVAC Control!When it comes to HVAC system control, different customers have different needs. With more than a century of building control experience and the resulting unmatched breadth of product, Honeywell gives our partners the flexibility to deliver the right solution to their customers every time. As a continuation of this product breadth strategy, we are pleased to announce that we will be making our LCBS-T Commercial Economizing Thermostat available as a stand-alone product with tools to help you sell to your customers.

VYKON Edge Controller 10 is a Single-tool Infrastructure with the Ability to Create Smarter, More Efficient Systems, and World-class Security. VYKON Edge Controller 10 is an IP-based field equipment controller powered by the Niagara Framework®. VYKON Edge Controller 10s drive applications such as zone temperature control, and the operation of fan coil units, single-stage air handling units, water-source heat pumps and more. VYKON Edge Controller 10s run the full Niagara stack, with 10 points of on-board IO and IO-R-34 expansion capability. VYKON Edge Controller 10 licensing supports three devices and 50 total points to harness the full power of Niagara at the edge.

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