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Episode 315 of ControlTalk NOW The Smart Buildings Podcast features our video interview with Realcomm’s Founder and CEO, Jim Young. As you will soon see, a paradigm shift is underway in Smart Connected Building Space.  ControlTrends looks forward to coverage of two important industry events taking place in the next few days: 2019 Haystack Connect in San Diego, and EasyIO’s 2019 World Conference, in Amsterdam. Young Gun champions, Aaron Gorka and Brent Burrows lead on with Next Generation Innovation Episode 10, and much more News of the Wee

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Ken and I spent last week at Controls Con in Detroit. Controls Con, hoisted by Scott Cochrane and the team at Cochrane Supply is a gathering of the top players in HVAC and Smart Building Controls.

On this episode of ControlTalk Now we discuss what we learned and ho wit can benefit the HVAC and Smart Buildings Controls integrator. WE also discuss how IT and oT are intersecting in Smart Buildings. So much to cover and so little time, but we do our best to give you the things you need to know and the HVAC and Controls news of the week.

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