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Episode 260: ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings Videocast and PodCast for week ending March 25, 2018 features visionary Jim Young, Founder and CEO of Realcomm Conferences. Register now to take advantage of ControlTrends’ discounted rate for Realcomm20, at the Cosmopolitan, June 4-8, Las Vegas. Young Gun Aaron Gorka, Innovations Manager, ANT Technologies, introduces the ControlTrends Community to the CMPX Show and more. Great demo from Mike Glenn, Penn Controls, who is celebrating its 100th Anniversary! Gina Elliott joins EasyIO as VP of the Americas. Belimo releases New Globe Valve Assemblies with a Webinar; and make sure to register for the Iotium/Intelligent Building Cybersecurity Webinar.

ControlTalk NOW interview with Jim Young — founder of Realcomm Conference Group, an education organization that produces Realcomm, IBcon and CoRE Tech, the world’s leading conferences on technology, automated business solutions, intelligent buildings and energy efficiency for the commercial and corporate real estate industry. Stay tuned for more important updates and other conference information as it becomes available. Register now — using our ControlTrends’ discount code.

Young Gun Aaron Gorka,Innovations Manager, ANT Technologies, providers of paperless, cloud-based, operational technology for HVAC & Control Contractors, brings the ControlTrends Community up-to-speed with the CMPX Show (with over 500 exhibitors) that was held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, March 21-23, as well as introducing two other prominent Young Guns: Lawrence Beauchamp, Arrow Electronics and Mark Riley, Track GPS Fleet Management. Great question and answer session — and great assessment of our industry. Thanks Aaron, we look forward to your next update!

EasyIO News Update: Gina Elliott Vice President of the Americas. Gina Elliott has joined the EasyIO team as Vice President of the Americas. Throughout her career, Gina has worked to develop GTM strategies for emerging technologies in IT and OT. Gina started her “ITOT” career as a VAR for converged IT solutions and has continued to work with emerging technologies. Transitioning to OT in 2007, Gina has worked in design consulting for multi-system integration and interoperability of smart buildings.

Belimo’s New Globe Valve Assemblies — Greater Force & Flexibility! Webinar on Wed, April 4 at 1:00 PM EDT. Belimo now offers a full range of NPT pressure compensated globe valves. The new G2 and G3 with ANSI Class VI leakage and 100:1 rangeability provide accurate modulation at low flow. Belimo globe valve actuators incorporate Multi-Function Technology™ to allow for easy and flexible field configuration. Register today to learn more about Belimo’s new globe valve assemblies.

ControlTrends and Michael Glenn, Penn Refrigeration Business Development Manager at Johnson Controls review two exciting new controls from Penn Controls, who is celebrating its 100 year anniversary. Eric and Mike review the A525 Series Electronic Refrigeration Controllers with Adaptive Defrost, which manages cooling, defrost, alarms, communications and costs, offering a wide range of options that allow for customized control functions. The Quick Response Expansion Valve (QREV) with Precision Superheat Controller (PSHC) form an electronic solution that will maximize evaporator efficiency and save energy by maintaining target superheat, regardless of outside conditions.

Live Webinar: Building Cybersecurity is a Legacy Building Risk — Thursday, April 12, 2018, 8 am PT/ 11 am ET. It’s not smart buildings – but any commercial building built or renovated in the past 30 years are what you should worry about. Before the smart buildings concept, digital, Internet-connected controls systems, such as HVAC, lighting, and elevators have been installed and managed by non-IT persons from architects, engineers, contractors and property managers. Without IT best practices, much-less cybersecurity requirements, there is significant exposure to: Life Safety Risks, Equipment Failure, Productivity Loss, Network Hopping, and Brand Damage.

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Episode 259: ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings Videocast and PodCast for week ending Mar 18, 2018 begins with a uniquely insightful discussion with seasoned industry experts: Jason Houck, CIO, Hepta Systems and The Panel Shoppe, and Leroy Walden, President, Highrose Consultants, LLC. — both of whom, emphatically recommend attending the 2018 Realcomm|IBcon Conference this June in Las Vegas. Lynxspring released their 7″ HD Touchscreen Display; Contemporary Controls wishes you a Happy National Pi Day; Tridium NS18 Calls for Niagara Innovator Award and New Product Showcase entries; ControlTrends Beatles Tour Re-wind; and Dent Instruments wants to see you at this year’s GLOBALCON in Boston.

ControlTalk NOW interview with seasoned industry experts Jason Houck, CIO, Hepta Systems and The Panel Shoppe, and Leroy Walden, President, Highrose Consultants, LLC. — both of whom, emphatically recommend attending the 2018 Realcomm|IBcon Conference this June in Las Vegas. The focused journey began with recollections of what building automation was like in its earliest days, advances through the proliferation of technology particularly, computer-based technologies, and then, offers tenable solutions to many the of multifaceted challenges yet ahead.

New Product Release: Lynxspring’s 7″ HD Touchscreen Display. As previously announced, Lynxspring’s new high-definition, 7″ touchscreen display is now available. This display has a wide range of use in HVAC, lighting, energy, commissioning, troubleshooting, servicing and IoT user experiences. The intuitive, easy-to-use Lynxspring TSD 7 has been priced to match the economics for use in small building environments and for multiple-display points in larger environments.

Contemporary Controls bids You Happy National Pi Day! In honor of National Pi day, we’re celebrating the Raspberry Pi, which was created by the Raspberry Pi Foundation as a way to make computers more accessible to people all over the world. Contemporary Controls strongly supports the vision of using open hardware and software to make technology more accessible to everyone. As part of our vision for open control, we’ve created the BASpi I/O board for Raspberry Pi, which turns your Raspberry Pi into a BACnet-networked, Sedona-programmable controller with 6 Universal Inputs and 6 Relay Outputs.

How the Beatles are influencing Smart Building Controls and the Smart Buildings Controls Renaissance

Across the Universe with Ken and Eric. I saw a wonderful movie last night called Across the Universe. It is a revolutionary rock musical that re-imagines America in the turbulent late-1960s and features 34 compositions originally written by members of the Beatles. It reminded me of the EASY IO Global Conference in Manchester England, and the trip Ken and I took to Liverpool. As you can see in this video, Ken and I explore the places were the Beatles grew up and got started. We reflect on how Smart Building Controls are in a phase very much like music was in England in the early sixties right before the Beatles and others broke the rules and changed music forever.

NS18 Call for Entries: Niagara Innovator Award and New Product Showcase. Enter today for the chance to be recognized at Niagara Summit 2018 for your innovative projects and new products! About the Niagara Innovator Award: Innovation is what the Niagara Framework® is all about. Every day, the Niagara Community turns possibilities into realities using this powerful platform. The Niagara Innovator Award offers you a chance to spotlight your projects that exemplify innovation, creativity and collaboration. A panel of community members and Tridium employees will review the entries and select the Top 5.

Dent Instruments Wants to see You at GLOBALCON in Boston! March 21-22 at the Hynes Convention Center. Learn about the new PowerScout HD! Stop by the DENT booth #310 to see the new PowerScout HD Multi-Circuit Energy Submeters. Download your FREE EXPO PASS! If you’ve considered adding the PowerScout meter to your toolkit, do not miss the opportunity to see us at the show. We’ll have expert staff on-hand to answer your in-depth product questions. Learn how the PowerScout can help you achieve your energy management goals in 2018 and beyond.

Realcomm|IBcon 2018 JUNE 6 – 7, 2018 | THE COSMOPOLITAN OF LAS VEGAS — Early bird rates expire 5/1/2018. MARK YOUR CALENDAR! Only 79 days until Realcomm 2018! Dynamic Education Programs, Solution Provider Expo, LIVE Interviews, Tours, Networking – these are just a few of the many things that keep Commercial Real Estate, Corporate Real Estate, Institutional and Government IT, Facilities, Energy, Sustainability and HR Professionals coming back to Realcomm year after year! Register today!

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Episode 258: ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings Videocast and PodCast for week ending March 11, 2018 features an interview with Alper Üzmezler, BASSG’s Managing Partner and CTO of Anka Labs. Alper takes us on a deep dive into Sandstar, an open-sourced offering from Anka Labs. Check out Honeywell’s e7 Hotel Thermostat; Scott Hamilton joins Acuity Brands’ Distech team; Johnson Controls announces Verasys “Turning Up the Smart” Roadshow — coming to a city near you; Watch 8 More Minutes of Magic with the 2017 ControlTrends Awards extended video, which captures the most exciting night in the HVAC industry; and make sure to read Therese Sullivan’s “Shaking Value Chains and Channeling New Voices in BAS.”

Honeywell is Making Your Hotel Room Smarter with the e7 Smart Thermostat. You already have a smart home, and now, you can have a smart home away from home. Thanks to the launch of Honeywell’s next-generation thermostat for the hospitality industry, you’ll now be able to control the temperature not only of your bedroom, but of your hotel room, too. Meet the new Inncom e7 Thermostat (otherwise known as the e7), heralded as the first enterprise-grade environmental control and energy management solution that also features Amazon Alexa integrations.

Acuity Brands’ Distech Controls Appoints Scott Hamilton as Vice President, Sales. Brossard, QC, March 5, 2018 – Distech Controls, an innovation leader in energy management solutions, is pleased to announce a recent addition to the company’s leadership team: Scott Hamilton joins Distech Controls in the role of Vice President, Sales. With more than 20 years of industry experience, Scott will be responsible for sales channels across the Americas, Australia and Asia, as well as the organization’s OEM channel and Distech Controls Energy Services.

Johnson Controls Announces Verasys “Turning Up the Smart” Roadshow. Verasys® is a new kind of plug-and-play building control system with less complexity and more capabilities to help expand your business and service opportunity for your customers. The best way to fully appreciate this system, is by seeing it in action. The best way to see it in action, is by seeing it live. That’s why we’ll be crossing the U.S. to share it with everyone on the Verasys Roadshow.

2017 ControlTrends Awards HighLight Video Extended Version. Watch eight minutes of magic as we present the 2017 ControlTrends Awards video that captures the ControlTrends Awards ceremony and night in the industry for the superstars and heroes of the HVAC and Building Automation industries. The 2017 Top Gun Awards recipients were recognized, as was the 2017 Petock Award winner Trevor Palmer, Distech/Acutiy Brands, and the ControlTrends Awards Hall of Fame inductees.

Shaking Value Chains and Channeling New Voices in BAS. The unifying forces within the HVAC and Building Automation industries are changing. The universal laws and assumptions we held as champion truths, are no longer valid. Even the gravitational fields that kept the “constellation of value” constant in our channels — are in full flux. New galaxies are forming and steering your way through these new strong and weak interactions may be be dicey. The following article by Therese Sullivan, editor of Building Context, will help to explain why.

ControlTalk NOW interview with Alper Üzmezler, BASSG Managing Partner and CTO of Anka Labs, who begins with an overview of Sandstar, open-sourced offering from Anka Labs. Alper then goes into several demos. BASSG has been involved in commercial building informatics for over a decade, delivering realistic renderings, dashboarding, energy analytics programming, integrations, and other services. BASSG makes a vital contributions to the open-protocol controls industry. BASSG offers a variety of solutions for multi-protocol data transport, data visualization libraries, an editor for custom UI development, and HTML5 block programming tools — and delivers these tools as a unified environment. In mid-2016, BASSG delivered their first generation Edge Analytics Controllers (EACs) to the market.

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Episode 257: ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings Videocast and PodCast for week ending Mar 4, 2018, prefaces Ken Sinclair’s March edition of Automated Buildings, and features an Optergy update interview with Steve Guzelimian, President — followed by an informative round table discussion with CABA President & CEO, Ron Zimmer and HGA’s Associate Vice President and Director of Technology Services, Brad Kult, P.E. (MN), CTS. Much more follows: EasyIO’s February Newsletter; Roger Fradin’s appointed as Honeywell’s new Chairman of the Board for Homes and Global Distribution; and ASHRAE BACnet committee, Project Haystack, and Brick Schema announced they are actively collaborating to integrate Haystack tagging and Brick data modeling.

2018 Nordic Smart Building Convention — HELSINKI, FINLAND, June 6th & 7th, 2018. BE PART OF THE FUTURE OF REAL ESTATE JUNE 6-7. 2018 HELSINKI, FINLAND. “This is more than an event! It’s an ecosystem that brings leading tech pioneers and industry influencers in Real Estate and Construction together.” Nordic Smart Building Convention is supported by an advisory board of highly regarded industry professionals. Click here for more information.

Ken Sinclair’s Automated Buildings March, 2018 Theme: “Transparency Transformation.” n his March edition of Automated Buildings, owner and editor Ken Sinclair examines the dichotomy of yesteryear’s intentionally proprietary self, contrasted against the open and transparent self, which is becoming the default building mindset. There are still many more minds to go, but the IoT-fueled digitalization of our industry is advancing the transparency transformation at a barely discernible warp speed.

ASHRAE’s BACnet Committee, Project Haystack and Brick Schema Collaborating to Provide Unified Data Semantic Modeling Solution. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA — The ASHRAE BACnet committee, Project Haystack, and Brick Schema announced they are actively collaborating to integrate Haystack tagging and Brick data modeling concepts into the new proposed ASHRAE Standard 223P for semantic tagging of building data.

Honeywell To Appoint Roger Fradin As Chairman Of The Board Of Homes Spinoff. Honeywell announced that it will appoint former long-time company executive Roger Fradin as the Chairman of the Board for the Homes and Global Distribution business spinoff announced last year. Fradin will start immediately to help Homes transition into a separate, stand-alone business. “In Roger Fradin, we are appointing a terrific leader to act as Chairman of our Homes and Global Distribution business once it separates from Honeywell,” said Honeywell president and CEO Darius Adamczyk.

EasyIO February Newsletter: Our New European Office, Meet Our Newest Employee — and New Training Opportunities! Highlights and Topics of our February newsletter: A new Europe office and address change; Introducing Brian Cline, U.S. Support Engineer; FW-series is perfect for FCU applications; EasyIO on the road to the UK, Italy, and Sweden; and the New CPT Tools & EasyStack training courses.

Optergy Enterprise + Proton — Tenancy Application Datasheet. Optergy tenancy provides building automation contractors a unique opportunity to differentiate themselves from other contractors by bundling more project scope. Optergy tenancy enables building owners to recover utility costs through billing of tenants for electricity, gas, water, thermal energy (chilled & hot) and after hours air-conditioning override. Optergy produces consumption reports in CSV and PDF or can automatically issue a formal invoice to building tenants.

ControlTalk NOW’s interview with Optergy’s President, Steven Guzelimian, Steve tells us about some of the outside the box BMS the Optergy Apps have to offer. Optergy is giving service providers more scope and more service opportunities within the building space. New Application Data Sheets; New Case Studies (2 for now, more coming each week); and Optergy News (Blog).

ControlTalk NOW’s Round Table Discussion with Ron Zimmer, CABA President & CEO, Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA),; and Brad Kult, P.E. (MN), CTS, Associate Vice President and Director of Technology Services, HGA Architects and Engineers, Great discussion on several industry initiatives, disruption, collaboration, and the greatest headwind of them all: FEAR.

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