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Welcome to the 418th episode of Controltalk Now, your premier destination for everything HVAC and Smart Building Controls. In this episode, we have the pleasure of speaking with Mike Conway, the force behind the innovative Stacks + Joules program, and Tyler Ing, a proud graduate who's put his learning into action.

The HVAC and Smart Building Controls industry faces a major challenge with a growing talent gap as seasoned professionals retire. Stacks + Joules, an extraordinary nonprofit, steps into the spotlight to address this issue by offering quality education in building automation controls. This episode dives deep into the unique mission and approach of this program.

The intriguing name, Stacks + Joules, represents a blend of tech and finance. "Stacks" signify a combination of software products and programming languages, hinting at the high-earning potential of these skills. "Joules," a unit of electrical energy, symbolizes the program's dedication to its students and their bright future.

What sets Stacks + Joules apart is its blend of theoretical and practical training, allowing students to get hands-on with tasks such as programming wireless LED banks. The program culminates in a capstone project where students synchronize bulbs with music—a fun, creative, and applicable skill in the building automation industry.

Mike Conway and his team believe in the power of mentorship and industry connections. Stacks + Joules bridges the gap between academia and industry, offering insights and guidance to students. Collaborations with educational institutions further enhance the students' career paths.

Stacks + Joules is more than a program—it's a launchpad into the future of the tech industry. Tune in to learn more about how Stacks + Joules is preparing the next generation for the building automation industry.

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