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In this episode of the ControlTalk Now Podcast, we sit down with Nicolas Waern, a leading expert on digital twins and the CEO of Winniio. Nicolas discusses his journey into the smart building controls industry, his thoughts on AI, data analytics, blockchain, crypto, and most importantly, the role of digital twins in changing how we build and retrofit buildings for affordability and sustainability.

Nicolas talks about his experiences with Go-IoT, BACnet, and IoT and his time as a management consultant in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry. He also shares insights into the concept of "Invite to Innovate" and how the utilization of digital twins is crucial for this innovation process.

In his fascinating take on the future of smart building systems, Nicolas discusses how digital twins can change the way building owners select vendors, how sensors can "find their way" into the 3D model of a building, and his work with schools in Sweden.

Watch the full interview to gain valuable insights into the future of building automation and control systems from one of the industry's leading voices.


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