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Join us in this insightful conversation with Tim Vogel from KMC Controls as we discuss the future of building automation and how KMC is leading the charge with their American-made, innovative solutions.

In this episode, we explore the ethos and value system that drives KMC, a family-owned company known for creating jobs and supporting American communities. Discover how they are fostering a unique environment of a generational community within the company.

We dive into their flagship product, the KMC Commander, a pioneering, cloud-native system that provides seamless monitoring and control of HVAC, lighting, and energy management systems. Learn about the 'open' nature of the KMC Commander, which ensures maximum compatibility and ease of use, no matter where your data comes from or goes to.

We also discuss the shifting priorities in the industry, particularly focusing on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals. Listen as Vogel shares his perspective on the initial rush to improve IAQ during the pandemic, the subsequent return to cost-effectiveness, and how ESG goals should be approached strategically.

Finally, get a sneak peek into what's new at KMC Controls! From collaborations with Veritify on a product called Dome, aimed at securing OT networks, to the introduction of their innovative Airflow Measurement System (AFMS), KMC is consistently pushing the boundaries of building automation technology.

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