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My guest this week is an industry legend, Dennis Floro. Before becoming a consultant, Dennis took well know distributor Wilson Mohr from 8 million dollars a year in sales to over 100 million dollars.

In addition to teaching us about business strategy, Dennis shares 5 ttraits that great laeders have in common:


1) Great Leaders are Great Listeners

The best leaders understand the value of humble listening. They recognize the need to consider different perspectives before making decisions. A great leader is patient enough to listen and absorb information before responding; they will use input from others to make informed decisions moving forward. This type of communication builds trust with colleagues and helps create an open dialogue that empowers employees to be creative and innovative.

2) Set Measurable Goals

Successful leaders set measurable goals for themselves and their team members in order to stay informed about the operations of their business. Setting targets and tracking progress towards them, it helps keep everyone on track with what needs to be done and done well in order to reach those goals. This can also be used as a way for leaders to evaluate their own performance, as well as that of their staff members.

3) Understand Needs & How Best To Communicate With Them

Leaders must take the time to get to know both their staff members and customers on an individual basis in order to understand their needs better. Knowing how best to communicate with each person is critical in helping them feel valued while also meeting the company's objectives. Doing this allows leaders better leverage when communicating with team members or customers; they’ll come off as more knowledgeable because they have taken the time necessary for understanding their wants/needs better than anyone else could have done so easily!

4) Adapt Quickly & Re-evaluate Often

Great leaders understand that things change quickly in today’s world, which means they must be prepared to adapt quickly while also being willing to re-evaluate often so they can hold fresh perspectives on any situation or challenge. Remaining flexible with ideas or processes, it allows them more room for growth without sacrificing quality work or dedication from staff members who may become stagnant if left unchanged over long periods of time!

5) Humility Is Essential                                                                           

The ability of one person to lead hundreds is something truly remarkable - yet humility is essential if you want your leadership style to be respected by those you manage. Achieving greatness doesn't have anything at all to do with being boastful, rather it has everything to do with having the right attitude; understanding that employees should always come first no matter what other interests may arise during times of stress or success!  

Conclusion: Being an effective leader isn't easy—it takes hard work, patience, and dedication—but it's worth it when you see your team thrive under your guidance! Building trust among colleagues while striving toward measurable goals sets up businesses for success while allowing them room to grow to even greater heights than ever imagined before! Taking the time to get to know staff/customers' needs helps build strong relationships within an organization while remaining humble is key to helping maintain respect between superiors/subordinates alike - these five qualities make up just some major elements great leadership embodies!  Making sure to apply these principles day-to-day basis will ensure you continue to grow as a leader in business at full potential reachable heights!  So if you're looking to become a great leader don't forget to look at yourself and ask “Do I embody these qualities?” If the answer is yes then go out there and show the world what made capable of doing!! Good luck on your journey to greatness!                                                                                        ​​

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