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Andy McMahon and Omar Tabba are veteran experts in the AI world. “When it comes to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, BrainBox AI checks off all of the boxes, and really works.” In 6-8 weeks, Brainbox AI can deliver a closed-loop, Dynamic Predictive Control to your buildings.  This is a great opportunity for Niagara Community Partners.

Our second guest, Ruben George, from Siemens shows us the Building Operator. The Building Operator is easy and intuitive to set up.  The X300 Industrial Gateway talks BACnet IP and Modbus to discover BACnet Devices and provisions them on the cloud.  The Building Operator is ideally suited for the small to mid-size buildings; however, the solution is scalable larger buildings. Notifications, Dashboards, Trend Analysis, and FDD are functionalities soon to come.

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